Vistara looks towards growth and renews distribution agreement in India

Cyril Tetaz

Executive Vice President, Airlines, Asia Pacific, Amadeus

There’s no denying how amazing India is. The kaleidoscope of cultures, cuisine, and history are what make this nation of nearly 1.3 billion so astonishing. And for the travel industry the possibilities are limitless.

India is a very important market for Amadeus and we are committed to investing and growing there. That’s why we’re delighted to renew our multi-year distribution agreement with Vistara, one of India’s leading full-service carriers. When we first partnered with Vistara to implement the Amadeus Altéa Suite of technology solutions, we shared its dream to bring a distinguished flying experience to India’s air travelers. Our renewed agreement guarantees that Vistara’s travel agency partners will have continued access to the airline’s full range of fares and prices through Amadeus.

Vistara is also the first full service carrier in India to launch branded fares. These are packaged combinations of fares and services that make it easier for travelers to pick what best suits their needs. Amadeus Airline Fare Families supports Vistara in making its branded fares, called Vistara Freedom Fares, available through the Amadeus distribution channel.

Our continued partnership with Vistara ensures that it enjoys the greatest global reach, cutting-edge technology, and a partner dedicated to innovation. It also ensures that Vistara will be well positioned in front of the largest travel agency network worldwide. For our agency customers, our Amadeus Travel Platform aggregates all relevant content – including air and Vistara content, hotel, car, and insurance – from any source (traditional GDS (Edifact), NDC, and APIs) and distributed it via any channel or device, allowing comparisons and bookings to happen in a uniform and transparent way.

We look forward to continuing support of Vistara’s growth internationally as well as in India and we are optimistic that together we can create better journeys for travelers.


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