Amadeus Mobile Solutions

Put your mobile brand directly in the hands of your travelers and support them during every step of their travel journey. Tap into trusted content and reliable features that enable travelers to stay safe, relax and enjoy their trips.

Ensure consistency and accuracy between online and mobile solutions with Amadeus Mobile Solutions.


Offer a consistent service

Seamlessly integrates with Amadeus Altéa Suite so you can deliver consistent service across all channels.

Real-time capability

Immediately alert your customers of schedule changes and flight disruptions, allowing them to modify travel plans accordingly. Put relevant, real-time information at your passengers' fingertips throughout their journey.

Enhance customer experience

Amadeus is developing specific mobile technology products with a high focus on usability, not just adapting online websites.


Amadeus Mobile Solutions are available for your customers on multiple platforms, including mobile web-browsers and downloadable applications for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Increase cost-efficiency

Reduce call center workload, airport footprint (personnel or kiosk hardware), and time spent by transfer staff on simple tasks by marketing products quickly and effectively to your customers.

Automate communication

Communicate with your customers faster, releasing seats for additional sales and freeing up staff during operational disruptions.

Maximize your revenues

Grow your revenue per passenger by increasing your product exposure and visibility, and maximizing new sales opportunities with last-minute bookings and ancillary services.

Offer new services

Customers can book more flights and check in quickly and easily, add information or service requests and purchase additional airline ancillary services, anytime, anywhere.

Implementation made easy

Harness quick time-to-market mobile solutions.

Effectively manage your mobile portal

Eliminate need for expensive skill-sets to manage your airline mobile portal.

产品亮点 Amadeus Mobile Solutions

Keep your business in line with the future with a next-generation mobile strategy that enhances the end-to-end customer travel experience.

Offer a consistent service across all channels with real-time capability that immediately alerts travelers of any schedule changes of disruptions, giving customers relevant flight information at all times on their journeys.
Enhance the customer experience with specific mobile technology products available across multiple platforms, including mobile web-browsers and downloadable applications for both iPhone and Android.
Increase cost-efficiency with time spent on simple tasks by staff with automated communication that relays information to your customers faster.
Increase revenue opportunities with each passenger by gaining more exposure and maximizing sales with new service offers, such as last-minute bookings and ancillary services.
Benefit from easy implementation with a dynamic mobile portal management system that eliminates the need for expensive skill-sets.