Seeing the journey through the traveler’s eyes

At Amadeus, we know what it takes to deliver smoother, better experiences for today’s traveler

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Travelers at the heart of what we do

For 30 years, we have been committed to finding the best ways to meet travelers’ needs. This is what drives us to create and deliver integrated solutions and services to our customers, enabling them to improve their business performance and offer smooth travel experiences.

From the first spark of travel inspiration to the check-in and beyond, we put ourselves in the traveler’s shoes. The result? Better journeys that make for a lifetime of memories.

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Connecting travelers to their journeys

Travelers want their particular needs met efficiently and quickly. At Amadeus, we can connect the many different aspects of the travel industry and deliver seamless and improved travel experiences to travelers around the world.

Collaborating for a more global travel ecosystem

We firmly believe in building new and better ways to collaborate with our customers and partners so that they can improve their business performance. We work together to deliver a truly seamless global travel experience from start to finish.

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Enriching every step of the traveler’s journey

Amadeus designs and implements appropriate solutions and services at each stage of the journey to ensure our partners can respond to their customers’ needs. From the moment a traveler is seeking inspiration for travel possibilities to arriving back at home, Amadeus is there at every step.

What are we doing to better understand the traveler?

Our analytics and intelligence systems

Helping your business adapt and thrive in a fast-changing marketplace is a challenge for any brand. Our analytics and intelligence systems highlight areas for performance improvements and anticipate trends and customer behaviors.

Our payment solutions

Providing easy and integrated payment processing systems is vital to any travel experience. Thanks to our payment solutions, travel companies like Lufthansa can accept and make payments from around the world, quickly and efficiently simplifying the process for the end traveler.

Our sales and marketing tools

We can help customers generate traffic, keep customers engaged, boost conversion, and measure their impact along the travel journey thanks to our sales and marketing tools.

Our customer, guest and traveler management solutions

Our work is focused on allowing our customers to have a comprehensive view of the traveler. Our customer, guest and traveler management solutions help to build different profiles based on insights. This enables our clients to provide tailored travel options.

Amadeus Traveler Trends Observatory

Amadeus monitors travel trends on a constant basis. As a result, we are able to provide our customers with the knowledge required to meet the travelers’ expectations at every step of their journey.

Amadeus Trusted Reviews

Having a full overview of client services such as rooms, services or locations is essential information needed to make a final decision in the travel planning stages. At Amadeus, we provide Trusted Reviews Solutions to boost the internal efficiency of our customers so they can actively monitor and respond to travelers’ needs.