Amadeus Pakistan Training

While our award-winning solutions are designed for ease of use; investing in Amadeus training ensures you are maximising the productivity benefits and thereby reducing operating costs by increasing efficiency.



Our training approach is hands on, using Training Exercises which use scenarios that may occur in a Travel Agency.

Learning Services, through an experienced team of trainers who can help you to accomplish the full potential of the Amadeus system, thereby enhances your performance in serving your customers.

As we know different agencies face different training needs, we aim at delivering our training in a format that suits you the best:

  • Classroom training
  • Customized training
  • WebEx Training


      Classroom Training

      These types of trainings are Amadeus Functionalities based training which includes topics from reservation to ticketing and after ticketing procedures. On demand customized and product training can also be arranged.

      Basic Training

      In this section we have topics that cover the basic Functionality topics of Amadeus such as availability, PNR creation, fares up to ticketing.

      Advance Training

      This section includes topics that will cover after ticketing procedures or topics that covers Amadeus advance Functionalities

      Users that had been qualified in our Basic Training course will get an invitation from our Training Department for the Advance E−Ticketing courses after a period of 6 months.

      Customized Training

      This section will cover the topics that are being delivered on demand with a customized structure suitable with customer needs, training on products can also be delivered upon request. These topics may vary from training to training, depending upon the request of the users. Some of the topics for customized training includes:


      • Profiles
      • Queues
      • Hotels


      • Master Pricer
      • Amadeus Ticket Changer
      • All Fares
      • Web UETTR

      WebEx Training

      This section will cover all the topics include in classroom training. The purpose of this training is to provide knowledge to the customers unable to attend classroom training. Certification test will be taken online, and certificate will be provided as per current criteria.


      Amadeus Training Online Registration

      Amadeus Pakistan facilitates their users to register online for classroom training and other ongoing training session.

      To register yourself for online training please click here.

      Contact Us

      For any queries related to training please write us an email to

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      Amadeus offers a range of courses to meet your training needs. Courses are structured to provide competency in the use of...

      Amadeus offers a range of courses to meet your training needs. Courses are structured to provide competency in the use of Amadeus products in a time effective manner.