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Why should you add Amadeus to your curriculum? Not only will you access rich, expert and fully updated educational content, but you will also experience the latest learning technologies and enabling your students’ success. Do not miss the opportunity! 


If you qualify to join our network of educational organizations, you can select your package including the following resources. Find the collaboration status that suits you best.


 Access to numerous e-learning and learning pathsAccess the reservation platform for Travel Channels (training environment) with supportUser(s) of Amadeus Selling Platform ConnectEnrol your learners in Amadeus product certificationEnrol your lecturers in product trainings and certificationBenefit from referral curriculum and joint communication activities
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Certified partner20

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The Amadeus badge for educational organizations proves that a school, a university or a learning center is certified by Amadeus. You can fully trust them to deliver top-gear curriculum on Amadeus solutions.


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