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Evolving the Global Distribution System

Evolving the Global Distribution System

The Amadeus GDS was created as an innovative solution to a common industry problem: the need for efficient sales and travel distribution. Thanks to our technology, substantial investment and our people we've developed the largest network of travel providers and sellers. We have evolved from being a GDS to create a Live Travel Space with the Amadeus Travel Platform at its core.

What is the Amadeus Global Distribution System?

Since 1987 the Amadeus GDS business has facilitated the sales & distribution of travel on a global scale, connecting travel providers (airlines, hotels, car rental, tour operators, etc.) with travel sellers (travel agencies and other intermediaries).

Engaging experiences

Among the many advantages of GDS technologies, we offer our partners global reach along with unmatched search, pricing, booking, ticketing, transaction and servicing capabilities.

Superior travel content

Thanks to our superior travel content offer, trusted technology, and consistent investment in innovation we help our partners grow their business and create memorable journeys for their travelers.

GDS makes travel happen

How is the Amadeus GDS evolving?

We have championed travel distribution and are determined to always be one step ahead in the ever-changing travel industry. Digitalization and sophisticated technological standards offer a myriad of opportunities. In our commitment to shaping the future of travel we have evolved our global distribution business to be in the forefront of this evolution.

Serving the needs of the travelers

As the industry moves to embrace new approaches to merchandising and technology, so do we. We're consistently working to future-proof our systems and the advantages of GDS so that our technology can serve the needs of travelers today and tomorrow.

Pioneers in travel distribution technology

We're the first and only GDS to fully migrate all systems and platforms to open systems technology. Equally unique, with Amadeus Altéa travel agencies and airlines can work together seamlessly on our platform without the need to synchronize, allowing both parties to sell and service effortlessly.

The Amadeus Travel Platform

The Amadeus global distribution business is much more than an online travel distribution system – it is part of a platform that connects and inspires the travel industry. This flexible platform harnesses intelligent use of data and integrates new interfaces and architectures.

Customer focus

The Amadeus Travel Platform brings together all relevant travel content – including air, hotel, ground transport, destination services and insurance – from any source (EDIFACT, NDC and other APIs) to be distributed via any channel or device, allowing comparisons and bookings to happen in a uniform and transparent way through Amadeus. We also recognize that the value of travel distribution comes with the flexibility to serve our customers and their travelers in the best way that addresses their needs.

Becoming a Live Travel Space

The platform embraces new ways of facilitating travel distribution to capture the needs of the travel industry. We have evolved this part of our business from being simply a GDS to become a Live Travel Space where all travel sellers connect and collaborate with travel agencies and corporations.

Our technology allows us to...

Handle over 632 million bookings and board 1,657 million passengers (2017)

+440 airlines, +110 low-cost carriers, 90 rail operators, +300 hotel chains & +230 tour operators

Give global access to full airline inventory of 85% of carriers to our travel agency customers

Have the largest reach in every travel segment across all regions

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