Amadeus Insurance for Retail Travel Agencies

Amadeus Insurance makes booking travel insurance easy. The Amadeus Selling Platform offers a wide range of travel insurance options to agents, enhancing our customer's experience while boosting your revenues with commissions.

Sell & book travel insurance that’s tailored to every customer’s needs, via our selling platform.


Customer satisfaction

Stress-free, personalised experience for your customers that helps you stand out from your competitors.

Individual service for your customers

With just a few clicks you’ve done much more than simply sell insurance. You’ve provided excellent service and shown that you care.

Easy-to-use service

The simplicity of our solution makes a good impression with your customers and makes them more likely to return.

Efficient information handling

Pre-filled information from profiles and policies, alongside PNR integration to streamline booking and tailor each insurance product to your customers.

Optimize your revenues

Encourage your customers to purchase travel insurance with personalized offers, while enhancing your revenue income.

Fewer clicks

It only takes a handful of clicks to select and book the right insurance policy for your customer, streamlining the process for an enhanced user experience.

Wide range of local and global providers

We connect our travel agencies with a large range of local, regional and global providers. Following your market specifications, you’ll be able to chose the ones that offer the best options for their customers’ typical needs in terms of travel insurance.

Fast & efficient booking process

In just minutes you can be booking, printing and distributing policies from your desktop.

Book insurance in just a few clicks

Amadeus technology delivers fast and intuitive results that are fully integrated into your existing booking and back office systems.

Simple and effective workflow

The compact, efficient design of Amadeus Insurance for Retail Travel Agencies makes it easy for your employees to become very proficient with the solution in a short space of time.

Swift training process

Amadeus Insurance for Retail Travel Agencies is so easy to use most users need no formal training.

Product Highlights Amadeus Insurance for Retail Travel Agencies

Amadeus Insurance for Retail Travel Agencies helps you go over and above for your customers. Our solution guides the travel agent seamlessly through a wide range of travel insurance options, helping them to meet the specific needs of the customer with ease.

Provide excellent service to your customers and show that you care, finding them the right travel insurance option that’s tailored to their needs.
Save yourself time and energy with our clear and effective selling platform
It takes no time to get travel agents trained on our solution, meaning time wastages and associated costs are minimized.
Our booking platform is fully integrated with the PNR so travel insurance can be booked in just a few clicks.

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