Amadeus Insurance for Online Travel Agencies

Give your customers the possibility to travel with peace of mind, offering them travel insurance options through diverse touchpoints, while improving your company’s bottom line. Our winning combination of best-in-class content and technology ensure that our solution offers your customers a smooth and straightforward online experience.

Amadeus Insurance takes care of every step of offering your customers travel insurance online.


Let your customers book travel insurance easily

Amadeus Insurance for Online Travel Agencies makes buying travel insurance online as straightforward as possible.

Pre-filled information

Our solution helps your customers avoid the discouraging experience of having to input the same information twice. By using pre-filled information from separate trip elements, we’re able to save your customers time and leave them feeling satisfied.

Offer tailored insurance products

Our service helps you to get a sense of exactly what your customers require from their travel insurance, allowing your company to offer a suitable policy.

Improve your bottom line

Encourage your customers to purchase travel insurance and get generous commissions.

Give your customers peace of mind & increase loyalty

Provide excellent service

Amadeus Insurance for Online Travel Agencies enables you to offer a high quality insurance product that perfectly meets their needs and fits their destination. More than selling travel insurance, you’ve provided excellent service and shown that you care.

Increase customer loyalty

The high standard of our solutions leaves consumers with a positive impression of your company, encouraging buyers to grow in to loyal customers of your business.

Product Highlights Amadeus Insurance for Online Travel Agencies

Help your customers stay relaxed when finding travel insurance. Amadeus offers a leading solution for online travel agents that makes the process of selecting insurance coverage which works for the customer as hassle-free as possible.

There’s no need for your customers to waste any time when accessing products and services, since pre-filled information gets carried over from one trip element to the next.
Our solution puts your company’s needs first with flexible technology that’s adaptable to your website.
Increase your revenues: create innovative solutions to boost your business activity.
Easy integration of travel insurance ancillary product into the trip booking flow

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