Amadeus Tour Market

Amadeus Tour Market (TOMA ®) is the classic distribution channel for tourism providers and has already been successfully used by travel agencies in the German market for 25 years. With its standardized input masks for the booking of tourism services, Amadeus Tour Market is a best-in-class travel distribution management in terms of reliability and versatility.

Our classic distribution channel for tourism providers provides comprehensive process handling for your tourism products.


Maximize the efficiency of your operations

Amadeus Tour Market is the first choice of tourism providers looking for an effective and efficient distribution channel solution.

Easy payment processing

Amadeus Tour Market significantly eases payment processing, meaning that your employees have more time to focus on delivering a best-in-class service to your customers.

Rebook and cancel with ease

Limit time-intensive complications from rebooking and cancellation with Amadeus Tour Market. Our solution makes this process easy, meaning that customer experience is seamless.

Automatic printing of standardized documents

Amadeus Tour Market automatically produces standardized documents to confirm your customers’ booking, keeping your clients in the know and your business running smoothly.

Connect shopping to booking

Transfer offers directly from consulting tools like Bistro Portal to Amadeus Tour Market for booking.

Make exactly the right offers to your customers

Amadeus Tour Market gives you powerful tools to present the best service and product offering possible to your customers, so you can generate more sales more efficiently.

Optimal offer display

The dynamic sub masks harnessed by Amadeus Tour Markets provide an optimal offer display so you can connect your customers with the best travel products available.

Display diverse ancillary services

Access a diverse range of relevant ancillary services and offer your customers products that complement their initial product offering.

Vacancy and alternative offer display

Amadeus Tour Market provides you with a detailed set of vacancy requests that allow you to connect your customers with alternative travel offers.

Product Highlights Amadeus Tour Market

Amadeus Tour Market (TOMA®) is available in the Amadeus Selling Platform, a browser-based point-of-sale application that offers access to a complete range of services - from consulting and booking to mid office with fully integrated payment functionality.

Optimal offer display by means of dynamic sub masks.
Booking guarantee without additional confirmation by the provider.
Easy invoice and payment processing.
Facilitated dispatch of travel suggestions and confirmations by e-mail/fax via Amadeus Fax and Email Plus.
Easy rebooking and cancellation.
Vacancy requests with display of alternative offers.

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