Amadeus Touchless Solutions

Built on a flexible, customizable automation platform, Amadeus Touchless Solutions deliver impressive IT operational optimization. Fully compatible with Amadeus front-office systems, seamless integration with your existing systems, and third-party data integration.

Reduce your operating costs by automating labor-intensive tasks.


Automate workflows and boost productivity

Choose from modules tailor-made to your specific requirements, and easily configurable to help you monitor, control and update rules and parameters to meet your specific business needs.

Quality control and file finishing

Manage rules to suit your established processes and guarantee the quality of your PNRs. Save time and reduce errors with automated checks for completion and consistency.

Queue management

Improve operating efficiency, and reduce repetitive monitoring with optimized queue processing.


Increase ticket throughput with automated ticketing and batch processing tasks.

Schedule change

Serve your customers efficiently with automated schedule change alerts, and avoid delays in trip confirmation.

Fare monitoring

Manage your fares more efficiently by loading the lowest fares daily and making automated fare comparisons.

Customer and agency notifications

Improve customer service with automated, customized alerts, and engage with your customers via personalized emails/requests.

Product Highlights Amadeus Touchless Solutions

Automate the process of labor intensive tasks 24/7, reducing operating costs and enabling you to concentrate on delivering a quality service.

Compatible with Amadeus front-office tools and allows 3rd party data integration for use with mid and back-office systems.
Leverage automated checks to reduce errors and streamline operations.
Adapt and manage rules to better suit your existing processes, guaranteeing PNR quality.
Limit repetitive monitoring tasks with optimized queue processing.
Exert greater control over the ticketing process with increased ticket throughput and automated ticketing/batch processing tasks.
Employ efficient fee management with the ability to carry out fare comparisons vs. your competition.
Enhance customer service with automated, personalized notifications, helping travelers avoid delays and reduce the impact of disruption.
Leverage accurate transaction reporting via a user-friendly interface tailored your unique business requirements and featuring real-time activity tracking.

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