Amadeus Selling Platform Connect

The next-generation booking and fulfillment platform, designed to increase productivity and efficiency so that you can create exceptional travel offers for your customers.

Next-generation booking and fulfillment built to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your business.


Stay connected

Being able to work on the go is key. Amadeus Selling Platform Connect allows you to work anywhere, anytime and anyhow.

Harness a fully cloud-based solution

Being the only fully cloud-based booking and fulfilment platform in the travel industry; all you need is an Internet connection plus your user credentials and you are ready to go.

Total connectivity to customers

The portability and online accessibility of Amadeus Selling Platform Connect ensures business continuity at all times, enabling you to provide your clients with an excellent level of service 24/7.

Create engaging, bespoke content

Create truly personalized travel packages for your customers. By combining great content with relevance and efficiency, we allow you to sell more, grow your earnings and improve service. On average, we will save 68% more time just from booking ancillary services alone.

Leading global content

We give you access to the largest choice of full-service carriers as well as low-cost carriers from all over the world, all integrated seamlessly for the simplest workflows and retailing experience.

Retailing for everything

Offer your customers so much more than air travel. Book extensive hotel content, public and private transport, as well as local services such as activities and transfers.

Customize our platform, promote your brand

Designed so you can adapt the platform to your precise requirements, to make the experience as individual as your own travel business.

Our solution is tailored to your browser

You are free to choose the software that suits you. It is also accessible on all main operating systems and fully certified to work with all the latest versions of the main Internet browsers.

Smart script technology

With in-built technological flexibility, you are free to devise your own strategy working with us or any third-party developer to add whichever content or tool you need.

Accelerate your productivity

Reduce administrative workload and free up time to spend on creating amazing travel offers for your customers. Amadeus Selling Platform Connect can double productivity by simplifying complex and repetitive operations.

You choose the interface

Expert cryptic users can work in their preferred environment; or use a graphics environment that simplifies complicated work and infrequent tasks, and is easy for new agents to learn on.

Choose from a range of powerful suite modules

There is a range of time-saving features as part of the Productivity Suite – such as Smart Flows, File Finishing, Smart Triggers and Quality Monitor– designed to improve both your performance and your productivity.

Product Highlights Amadeus Selling Platform Connect

Work wherever and whenever you want. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go.

Facilitate continual contact while working in transit with an internet connection and user credentials being the only things necessary to connect to the cloud-based platform.
Provide your customers with truly personalized travel packages, combining great content with relevance and efficiency, adapting the platform to fit your visual identity and differentiate your brand.
Access an expansive range of full-service and affordable carriers from across the globe, all integrated into a simplified workflow.
Go beyond air travel, book hotel content, public/private transport, activities and transfers.
Leverage adaptable software, accessible across all operating systems and featuring full support for all main internet browsers.
Reduce administrative workload and maximize productivity.
Take advantage of an intuitive Graphical User Interface, adaptable to your preferred method of working.

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