Amadeus One Inventory

A flexible, modular platform for creating and managing complex travel content, business rules, pricing and distribution. Increase conversion rates and optimize margins by offering your customers the best alternative travel offers with Amadeus One Inventory.

To build and sell better travel products, you need power and flexible content creation tools, and control over contracts and pricing strategies. Amadeus One Inventory makes it simple.


Amadeus One Inventory (previously Inventory Management by Travel IMS) is a modular platform that gives you flexibility to integrate the components you need with your existing systems. You can create a solution that best meets your requirements and streamlines your end-to-end business operations.

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Manage your inventory

Cutting-edge inventory management for the modern travel business that helps you connect your customers with best product offering possible.

Complete control over complex content

Automatically create dynamic and static packages including flexible duration, extra nights and optional components.

Fast and fully integrated booking engine

User-friendly and ultra-fast online booking solution for maximizing conversion and revenues.

Harness powerful pricing capabilities

Manage all pricing rules including markups, commissions, warranties, cancellation policies, variable pricing and more.

Integrates with existing infrastructure

A modular solution that you can deploy progressively and adapts to legacy IMS, ERP, CRM, BI and other existing infrastructure.

Powerful Quota Management

Manage your entire inventory of products and services across all classes and categories. Availability is updated in real-time as soon as a reservation is con-firmed.

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Manage your content

Manage content from different sources and give your customers a clear picture of the great range of products you have on offer in real time. With this solution, you will also have the capability of managing your own agreements with your providers and also any kind of integrated content, taking advantage of the Amadeus One Inventory unification layer.

Package & Tours

Create, price and sell individual components or combined packages, including bundled and per-product pricing and the ability to bundle sub-packages.

Mix your own content with 3rd party integrated content, creating from a fixed package to a flexible or full experience one. Offer the best deals to your clients optimizing availability results.


Multi-GDS integration and manual load. Smart route management with origin, destination and open jaw support.


Manage all your owned and 3rd party product types including exclusive rooms and multilingual documentation.


Full pricing control at customer level; grouping, address management and automatic return booking to optimize efficiency.

Rail, bus, ferry and cruise

Full contract management with complete control over pricing structures and allotments, including charters or regular routes

More content and services

Manage insurance, car rentals, activities, and tours with full control over allotments and pricing types on a per-service basis.

Excursions and other services

Global control of multiple excursions and service types, manage price with mul-tiple conditions and set incompatible promotions.


Flexible and scalable

A flexible platform that scales to your business.

Accelerate implementation

Modular, web-based technology makes implementing faster and reduces your time-to-market.

Only the modules you need

Optional modules include booking engine, integrations HUB, revenue management and extranets.

Sell across all channels

Multichannel sales support including B2C, B2B and APIs for accelerating integration with 3rd parties.

Built for business

Configurable off the shelf solutions that puts business users in control with minimal training.

Integrate with any third party service

Complement your own products and services by connecting with all kinds of travel and tourism providers to enhance your product offering and generate new business opportunities.

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Easy collaboration with your providers

Through an easy to use extranet, your providers can manage the inventory for hotels and other services in real time.

Detailed and reliable information at your fingertips

Hotel and service providers can load and maintain detailed information on all their products and services in the Extranet in real-time. They can apply promotional offers, discounts and supplements, manage their cancellation policies, control their availability, etc.

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Power your business and maximize your sales

Automate the sales process

With automated sales management and business rules, you can gain competitive just in time advantage and boost revenue-generating opportunities.

Flexible business rules

You can combine both pricing and performance management and load them across different media to help you maximize efficiency and drive sales.

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Reports to drive better business decisions

Generate reports to monitor key data for all levels of the organization. Monitor sales, bookings, agency communication and fully daily operation control.

Infographic: Amadeus One Inventory One platform to power your growth

Amadeus One Inventory helps leisure package sellers transform their business and reach high levels of performance making your...

Amadeus One Inventory helps leisure package sellers transform their business and reach high levels of performance making your business more efficient, scalable and future-proof.

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The new platform will allow Julià to distribute its entire catalogue quickly and easily to its 12 million customers in all the destinations in which the company operates.

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Product Highlights Amadeus One Inventory

Amadeus One Inventory makes it simple for you to apply a more sophisticated approach to content, contracts, building packages and selling them across all channels.

Easily manage all your content, contracts, allotments, pricing and packaging with connectivity to leading IT systems.
Single or multi-site implementations with a single solution – buy once and use everywhere.
Multicurrency and multilingual functionality on both front-end and back-end portals.
Manual and automated workflows let you set the balance between control and efficiency.
Multitax, set up your own taxes and decide where they should apply.
Flexible and modular, so you can scale the platform to your business needs.

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