Amadeus Master Pricer

Delivering up to 250 choices with one click, Amadeus Master Pricer integrates airline merchandizing and advanced features, such as search personalization and sub-second response times, helping to provide instant, relevant and inspirational offers to your travelers.

Implement unmatched air search capability for travel retail, providing the cheapest bookable fares and the optimal itineraries, across an expansive range of airlines.


Increase booking and sales conversion rates

Answer all your travelers' needs with Instant and Value Search features. Provide instant responses and value based shopping with personalized offers as well as the cheapest bookable fares and the most convenient itineraries. Improve your conversion rates and increase your customer reach through different channels including mobile.

Personalize your customers' search parameters

Returns the offers travelers want to book with relevant and personalized recommendations adapted to travelers’ needs, optimizing conversion performance.

Sub-second response time

Revolutionizes travel search by returning bookable recommendations in under a second. Improves conversion rates and expands reach through multiple channels including mobile.

Drive travelers to your website with differentiated offers

Forget about the usual dimensions and access thousands of results in the same response. Offer map views, extended calendars, price graphs, fare alerts and much more.

Open Search

Enables extensive opportunities to increase sales through inspiration and dynamic marketing using interactive maps, fare alerts, price charts, full calendar year.

Beyond price

Offers the most convenient itinerary recommendations for travelers who are not purely driven by price.

Product Highlights Amadeus Master Pricer

The world's leading online travel businesses choose Amadeus Master Pricer to offer their customers lower, more customized fares faster than ever before.

Provide travelers with relevant and personalized recommendations, tailored to their specific requirements in less than a second.
Implement fair comparison and transparent offerings including Baggage Allowance, Ancillary Services, Airline Fare Families and Fare Conditions.
Drive bookings and rate of conversion with Instant and Value Search features.
Offer the cheapest and most reliable fares, utilizing extensive pricing optionality.

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