Amadeus Integrated Partners

Taxis, shuttle services, parking and more - seamlessly access trusted partners and book content that's not currently available through Amadeus.

Leverage relevant global and localized content directly with Amadeus Integrated Partners.


Streamline operations and reduce costs

Optimized workflows, automated processes, real -time availability and seamless PNR and mid/back-office integration help reduce operational costs.

Value-added Content

Access content sourced from a complementary range of preferred providers directly through the Amadeus front-office of your choice.

Gain greater visibility over traveler bookings

Improved visibility of traveler bookings and post-booking requests provides a clearer overview of the entire booking chain for your staff.

Agency workflow integration

Take advantage of standardized processes and fully integrated functionality for minimal impact on your procedures. Low disruption. High results.

Product Highlights Amadeus Integrated Partners

Make relevant, localized content available directly through Amadeus front-offices.

Agency workflow integration guarantees a streamlined deployment and minimal impact on productivity.
Reduce operational costs with streamlined and automated processes.
Leverage value-added content from a complementary range of preferred providers.
Maximize visibility across traveler bookings and post-booking requests.

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