Amadeus Hotel CRS

Manage private hotel rates, allotments and properties, and build a stronger negotiating position with hoteliers.

A next-generation, cloud-based product that optimizes customer engagement, distribution and brand experience. Its single, comprehensive database enables a real-time view of the entire business.


Optimum pricing, minimum effort

Centrally manage how you distribute and price private hotel rates across channels with an easy-to-implement solution.

Stress-free service model

Software-as-a-service solution (SaaS) technology requires no servers or software installation.

Real-time data

View the business in its entirety in real-time; responding to shifting market trends ahead of the competition.

Promote and personalize

Get tailored offers to all types of travelers, including both individuals and groups, depending on specific choices they have made.

Tailored solutions

Customize your configurations to support different brand needs.

Superior rule management

Availability, pricing and channel rule management for groups as well as transient guests.

Product Highlights Amadeus Hotel CRS

Better, more innovative accommodation management for tour operators everywhere.

Get a 360 degree business view and react to new market shifts in real-time, identifying new trends, behaviors, and consumer demands as they emerge.
Use powerful negotiations to leverage private hotel rates and property portfolios to negotiate with hoteliers.
Control and supervise pricing models and distribution across a range of versatile channels and platforms.
Implement Amadeus Hotel CRS immediately, without the need for costly servers or time-consuming software installations.

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