Amadeus Cruise

Instantly access multimedia references for every vessel and multiple, detailed cruise line offerings on a browser-based, point-and-click application. Spend less time on hold and more time providing your customers with services that add value to your business.

Gain instant access to multimedia references for every ship and multiple, detailed cruise line offerings on a browser-based, point-and-click application.


Offer a superior service to your travelers

Amadeus Cruise helps you better qualify your clients, identify their specific preferences, and provide specials based on their individual requirements.

Easily access a multi-fare display

Compares up to four fare codes per cabin category and gives you access to your unique, negotiated cabin pricing.

Make use of engaging visual content

View pictures of cabins, deck plans and layouts to help your customers choose the right travel options.

Feel secure with the help of Amadeus customer care services

A support team consisting of industry experts available 24/7; we respond to each call with the highest standards of support and care.

Improve your sales performance

Increase your revenue by delivering the biggest and best selection of travel content for your customers, while also upselling through other Amadeus Web Services to maximize profitability.

Tap into in-depth industry knowledge

Feel confident in providing the right accommodation for every customer as Amadeus Cruise lists close to 90% of all cabins available worldwide.

Additional travel content

Through the Amadeus Web Services technology with other services such as Air, Car, Insurance and Hotel, it provides valuable cross-selling opportunities for travel sellers to meet their customers’ needs

Harness innovate technology and enhance your operations

Be freed from expensive application systems and use the most innovative and cost-effective technology of your choosing to coincide with your level of development expertise.

Scalable to suit your business

With a lower overall cost of implementation compared to other previous and current technology options the system is readily available to all customer segments, utilizing many differentiated business models.

Product Highlights Amadeus Cruise

Our next generation electronic cruise distribution technology delivers a single point of access to our expansive range of cruise lines available.

Identify and leverage your client’s unique preferences with tailored, special offers.
Take advantage of a multi-fare display, comparing up to four fare codes per cabin category.
Provide customers with visual content to help inform their booking decision-making.
Access expert support 24/7 via our round-the-clock Customer Care Service.
Utilize the highest quality cruise-based travel content for your customers, with the option to upsell via Amadeus Web Services to generate further revenue.
Enjoy a comparatively low implementation cost, with support for multiple business models and availability for all customer segments.

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