Amadeus Bistro Portal

Our powerful search & compare tool provides maximum distribution reach through 13,000 travel agencies and call centers in Germany and Austria. It enables you to analyze and optimize your portfolio and to monitor your deals and their ranking against your competitors.

Our Search & Compare tool offers all you need for successful distribution through travel agents and call centers – leveraging the best reach in the German and Austrian markets.


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Amadeus Bistro Portal is the efficient way to distribute your content.

Maximum reach in the travel agency landscape

In the DEATCH markets, Bistro Portal is by far the preferred tool to search and compare leisure deals. Amadeus is the market leader in travel agency technology in Germany and Austria, giving tour operators an enormous reach for selling their products.

Depth of portfolio presentable in Bistro Portal

Tour operators can supply their data via OTDS format and travel sellers can make their broad portfolio available for search and comparison in Bistro Portal. Travel agencies can search the multitude of offers according to various parameters and criteria to find the optimal trip.

Deals are enriched with the right content relevant for travelers

In addition to your hotel descriptions and pictures, Bistro Portal offers a wide variety of travel information and media, including Amadeus Trusted Reviews with more than 1.7 million quality approved travel reviews and imageries contributed by real travelers.

Specialized search for non-standard deals

If you are specialized in non-standard deals like cruises or multi stop trips, the integration of add-on tools for these specific travel types by our experienced IT partners XML-Team and Nezasa may be interesting for you. These modules are seamlessly integrated in the Bistro Portal user interface.

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Optimize conversion or yield by tweaking search results for travel agents within your organization or associated with it. Tour operators can bias sort orders to improve sales in real-time.

Cruise Search & Compare

Tour Operators specialized in Cruises can distribute their content via the Add-On Cruise Module provided by the Amadeus Partner XML Team and offer their travels in an attractive presentation including pictures, descriptions, route maps and site plans of the ship decks.

Product Highlights Amadeus Bistro Portal

Extend your reach by making your content available for search and comparison to all German-speaking travel agencies that use Bistro Portal
Be a part of the most relevant Tour Operator content database
Load a broad portfolio into Bistro Portal, including flight times, boarding or room types and more
Compare your deals against those from the competition

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