Amadeus Master Pricer Instant Search

Access a cache of the lowest, most bookable fares for flights that match your business strategy – so you can increase conversion without increasing your costs.

Differentiate your offer, drive travelers to your site and add to your bottom line with Amadeus Master Pricer with Instant Search.


Differentiate your offer and reinforce your brand

Give your travelers an exceptional customer experience. Now you can present the best offers that fully correspond to their expectations, as Amadeus Master Pricer with Instant Search, provides bookable recommendations for any given search request in a sub-second.

Maximise product visibility

Showcase your products across metasearch sites and mobile apps.

Secure exceptional quality

Maintain quality at all times with smart refresh mechanisms, a customized search engine and live availability.

Leverage traffic acquisition and advertising

Gain access to millions of prices and maximize product visibility across metasearch players. Tailor offers to suit your needs depending on the use cases that are most relevant to your business, instantly retrieving fares from one origin to many destinations over a large date range.

Adaptive pricing model

Take advantage of an adaptive pricing model based on data pre-computation volumes and unlimited transactions.

Integrate advanced technology

Powered by advanced quality enabler algorithms, Amadeus Master Pricer with Instant Search provides bookable flights in a sub-second.

Boost acquisition

Leverage inspirational use cases based on popularity of destinations.

Optimize search by route

Enjoy instant shopping-mono destination and date.

Increase bookings and conversion rates

Target new customers and travelers on-the-go via the mobile channel. Amadeus Master Pricer with Instant Search is concise, relevant and instantaneous – perfect for mobile apps.

Convert lookers into bookers

Provide customers with instant, relevant results, delivering the cheapest direct prices and a full set of results via a pre-computed domain.

Provide unlimited search access

Take advantage of multi-destination and date recommendations.

Product Highlights Amadeus Master Pricer Instant Search

Provide unlimited data access and instant responses to travelers, as well as the cheapest bookable fares over a wide choice of airlines.

Differentiate your brand and showcase your products across metasearch platforms and mobile apps.
Provide customers with instant, relevant results at speed.
Ensure quality with smart refresh mechanisms and live availability.
Enjoy all the benefits of an adaptive pricing model.

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