Amadeus Leisure Platform

Amadeus Leisure Platform is a powerful solution for Israeli tour operators to distribute their packages and products through a network of trusted Amadeus travel agencies.

Amadeus Leisure Platform is a B2B distribution system for content providers in Israel created and developed specifically for the Israeli market



Increase package and product sales by extending your reach

Distribute your products to a network of trusted Amadeus travel agencies, including the ability to advertise your packages and products on the platform.


Increase conversion with up-to-date data

Amadeus Leisure Platform refreshes offers from tour operators multiple times an hour, so that travel sellers find and sell your most current packages at the latest prices.


Improve efficiency with automated document creation

Amadeus Leisure Platform can generate all types of documentation including but not limited to proposals, itineraries, commitments, reservation copies and tour operator remarks.

Product Highlights Amadeus Leisure Platform

Extend your reach to trusted Amadeus travel agencies

A unique, browser-based solution for you to distribute packages and products to Amadeus trusted travel agencies.
Ensures the delivery of your latest packages and product data to online and offline travel agencies.
Very fast and simple implementation to start distributing your packages and products on the platform.
Generate documents and reports to support your business needs.

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