Transfers Content

Complete the travel chain with transfers content from Amadeus, covering more than one thousand destinations across 142 markets. This door-to-door multi-modal travel service allows your customers to comfortably connect every step of their journey.

Allow travelers to comfortably connect every part of their journey with our door-to-door multi-model travel service.


Control your content

Access transfers content via a multi-provider platform available in various formats. This makes booking flow integration easy and facilitates the collection of new sources of revenue via a commission-based model.

Multi-format support

We offer full support across Amadeus front-end products and self-booking tools.

Enhance your sales processes

Transfers content is available through Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, which features multi-currency support and PCI-DSS certification.

Enjoy seamless integration

Our transfers content easily integrates with your own systems and booking flow. It includes back-office integration and processing, as well as flight information and passenger name record (PNR) data.

Keep customers smiling

Provide your travelers with the extensive travel services they need and avoid losing business to third-party applications.

We guarantee rate parity

Original provider rates mean you’ll always be able to offer your travelers competitive prices.

Product Highlights Transfers Content

Support travelers with door-to-door transportation to and from the airport across 142 markets worldwide.

Control your content with multi-format support across Amadeus front-end products and self-booking tools.
Benefit from a seamless integration and secure implementation.
Improve customer satisfaction with a multi-provider platform to provide travelers with extensive travel services and global coverage.
Always offer competitive rates with guaranteed rate parity.

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