Insurance Content

Provide travelers with peace of mind by offering best-in-class insurance offers. With numerous offers from both global and local insurance companies, you’ll be able to offer the complete travel package to every customer.

Offer travelers peace of mind and deliver exceptional customer service with best-in-class content and technology.


Improve customer satisfaction and boost profits

Sell trustworthy insurance services from globally recognized providers. Plus, you’ll receive generous commissions from insurers. What’s good for your customers is good for your bottom line too.

Prioritize preferred providers

Simply choose the right combination of insurer and cover from drop-down menus and you’re all set. If you have a preferred provider, you can also easily set them as your system default.

Personalize your service

Propose insurance products that are automatically tailored to your customer’s needs.

Enjoy less paperwork

With details of the sale sent to your back-office automatically, there’s less time wasted on paperwork and more time spent on your customers.

Faster bookings, fewer errors

Our system is fully integrated into the Amadeus Selling Platform, saving you time with sophisticated reporting capabilities and pre-filled information from other parts of the travel package.

Avoid keyboard errors

Automatic PNR integration removes keying errors and improves after-sales servicing. No need to switch between applications or re-enter information.

Simplify sales reporting

New functionality allows you to accurately track your sales activities daily, weekly or monthly.

Product Highlights Insurance Content

Give your customers peace of mind with travel insurance cover that is automatically tailored to their trip.

Receive generous commission rates for every closed sale.
Transferal of sales data to the back office is automated, reducing manual workload.
Enjoy full integration with Amadeus Selling Platform and make use of comprehensive reporting capabilities.
Eliminate keying errors thanks to full PNR integration.

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