Amadeus Electronic Ticketing

Empower your agents with the ability to issue electronic tickets easily and securely. Amadeus Electronic Ticketing links airline databases, ticketing servers and Bank Settlement Plans (BSPs), helping you streamline ticketing processes and enhance your level of service.

Enable authorized travel agents to issue electronic tickets easily and securely with Amadeus Electronic Ticketing.


Reduce costs and provide a superior service

Make large cost savings previously associated with paper ticket issuance and provide a more efficient service to your customers. Amadeus remains the undisputed industry leader in our electronic ticketing solution, and we are the most widely chosen technology partner for travel agencies.

Amadeus Electronic Ticketing Direct

Electronic Ticketing Direct enables authorized travel agents to issue electronic tickets and report these transactions directly to airlines’ revenue accounting systems without having to report them first to the Billing & Settlement Plan.

Amadeus Virtual MCO

Print documents and send passenger receipts directly to the customer by email. The Amadeus Virtual MCO is fully integrated into your daily workflow from front to back office.

Product Highlights Amadeus Electronic Ticketing

Simple, productive and secure ticket handling that complies with IATA ticketing regulations.

Access a vast community of e-ticket carriers.
Simplify business processes and Increase productivity.
Gain flexibility and security, as well as reduced agency operating expenses (no more safes).
Minimize delivery charges and the cost of paper used to print tickets.
Fully integrated across the entire booking process, including back office systems.
Send email receipts to passengers as soon as tickets have been successfully booked.

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