Amadeus Dynamic Travel Documents

Shape comprehensive travel information like hotel details and method of transport into dynamic, individual travel documents that keep your customers in the know.

Capture comprehensive travel information for individual customers, including hotel details and their method of transport, for air, car and rail.


Impress the customer with complete trip information

Provide the essential travel information your customers expect, in the language and format of their choice, with Amadeus Dynamic Travel Documents – whether they have an Amadeus booking or an external booking.

Make an impression on your customer

Make your travel documents not only professional but personal with stylish documents that promote brand recognition.

Distinctive documents that keep your customers informed

Create branded documents with customized content to complement each reservation. Also display a partner’s logo alongside yours if required.

Transparent travel information

Give your customers the content they need in the format of their choice.

Communicate effectively with the customer

Send and track documents quickly and effortlessly. Add customized information, a disclaimer or offers to up-sell segments easily without the need for external support.

Simplify processes

Harness the intuitive graphical interface and simple cryptic entries to easily manage Amadeus Dynamic Travel Documents via Amadeus Selling Platform or Amadeus Selling Platform Connect.

Minimize training time

Benefit from seamless integration into your existing workflow with minimal training required and super fast installation. 

Fully-integrated technology

Documents can be sent directly from Amadeus Selling Platform or Amadeus e-Travel Management.

Product Highlights Amadeus Dynamic Travel Documents

Provide travelers with a superior, more convenient travel experience with Amadeus Dynamic Travel Documents.

Take advantage of comprehensive trip information through a single, clear itinerary.
Combine PNR and Amadeus Total Travel Record (ATTR) related content.
Create personalized documents at PNR level with customized content to complement specific reservations.
Automated functionality, an intuitive graphical user interface and simplified cryptic entries ensures a streamlined experience.

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