Amadeus Worldwide Payment Acceptance

Accommodate a wider customer base by accepting payments from close to 300 acquiring banks and other methods of payment around the world with Amadeus Worldwide Payment Acceptance.

Accommodate for a wider customer base by allowing for payments from as many as 300 acquiring banks.


Expand your market reach and improve your sales performance

Amadeus Worldwide Payment Acceptance is connected to all major local and international payment methods, so you can easily find a choice of acquiring bank that works for you, enabling you to increase the percentage of payment transactions you accept.

Card authorization

Obtain instant payment authorization for Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB, American Express, Union Pay and UATP credit cards.

Global acceptance 

Cut the cost of integrating and maintaining your payment links. With Amadeus Worldwide Payment Acceptance, you only need to connect once for access to close to 300 acquiring banks, alongside other methods of payment around the world.

Enhance the reliability of your business’ payments

Secure your business with multiple links to a single acquirer so that payments can be rerouted through a fallback link or quickly returned to the customer if need be.

Ensure peace of mind with our fallback functionality

With fallback functionality, you can easily reroute your customer’s payment through a different link when necessary. This helps to eliminate complications during the payment process.

Easily reverse or refund payments

We facilitate the cancellation of payments by offering quick and easy reversal and refunds, meaning that your customers are never left out of pocket.

Stay secure with our robust authentication process

You can rest assured that the purchaser is the owner of the card and in possession of it at the time of purchase. How? Detailed and precise security checks provided by Amadeus Worldwide Payment Acceptance.

Minimize costs with a more fluid workflow

Reduce your sales costs with the possibility to switch easily between different acquiring banks and optimize your acquiring fees.

Single management tool

Reduce the back-office cost of tracking payment transactions with a single management tool. Amadeus Worldwide Payment Acceptance provides access to all transactions worldwide, independent of the acquiring bank or the link used.

Pre-defined routing

Make significant cost savings by routing each payment to the most appropriate acquiring bank based on criteria such as merchant ID, vendor, market, country, and currency.

Product Highlights Amadeus Worldwide Payment Acceptance

Benefit from a direct connection to a large-scale network that enables your travel agency to authorize, reverse and refund payments from around the world with ease.

Maximize sales with instant payment authorization for the world’s most recognizable banks.
With connection to all major local and international banks, you can now reach new markets faster.
Leverage fallback functionality in addition to reversal and payment refunds to effectively handle scenarios where transactions don’t run according to plan.
Optimize acquiring fares with the ability to easily switch between different acquiring banks using predefined routing defined by expansive criteria.

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