Amadeus Ticket Changer Refund

Take advantage of automated refund calculations for all published fares and all types of ticket with Amadeus Ticket Changer Refund. Achieve significant productivity gains and help eliminate the risk of errors and associated ADMs.

Automate refund calculations for all published fares and all ticket types, maximizing productivity and eliminating the risk of errors.


Optimize efficiency and productivity

Deliver impressive efficiency and productivity gains with Amadeus Ticket Changer Refund by greatly reducing the time spent on refund processing.

ATC refund record

Simply display the breakdown of the refund details in the refund record.

Confirm refunds in a single step

Once verified, the refund is confirmed in a single step.

Streamline your refund processing

A fully automated refund calculation tool for all tickets and all published fares means fast, efficient handling for you and your customers.

Enhance your workflow without excessive training time

ATC Refund uses existing Auto-Refund expertise, meaning effortless integration and minimal training.

Eliminate burdensome refund errors

ATC Refund eliminates the risk of errors, helping to secure revenue and reduce the number of debit memos.

Refund Request

The refund calculation validates the refund conditions, calculates the fare used if a partially used ticket is being refunded, and calculates amounts to be refunded, including fare and taxes, while verifying any cancellation penalties.

Industry Standards Compliant

ATC Refund supports recognized industry standards using ATPCO category 33 filed data, allowing Amadeus to guarantee automated refunds.

Product Highlights Amadeus Ticket Changer Refund

Implement a comprehensive, automated refund calculation tool built to simplify and accelerate the refund process, delivering impressive productivity gains.

Maximize efficiency and productivity with streamlined refund processing.
Leverage automated refund calculation for all ticket and published fares.
Enjoy seamless integration and minimal training, limiting the impact of implementation on productivity.
Secure revenue, reduce debit memos and eliminate the risk of errors.
Take advantage of advanced refund calculation, with cancellation penalty verification and more.
ATC Refund complies with recognized industry standards and uses ATPCO category 33 filed data.

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