Amadeus Selling Platform Connect

Enhance your offering, double your productivity and operate more efficiently with Amadeus Selling Platform Connect. Our next-generation booking and fulfillment platform helps your deliver a superior service to every customer.

Discover a next-generation booking and fulfillment platform, built to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your entire business.


Connect wherever, whenever you need to

For many businesses, working on the go is key. Amadeus Selling Platform Connect allows you to work from any device, so you’ll never be out of touch with your customers.

Upgrade to a fully cloud-based service 

Enjoy the benefits of the only fully cloud-based booking and fulfilment platform in the travel industry. All you need is an internet connection and your user credentials to get going. With no software installations or manual updates required, you’ll be saving time right from the start.

Stay connected to your customers

The portability of Amadeus Selling Platform Connect ensures business continuity at all times, enabling you to provide your clients with an excellent level of service 24/7.

Give your customers exactly what they want

Create truly personalized travel packages for your customers with Amadeus Selling Platform Connect. By combining relevant, quality content with efficiency, we allow you to sell more, grow your earnings and improve your service.

We have the world’s leading content 

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect gives you access to the largest choice of full-service and low-cost carriers from around the world.

Book all necessary add-ons with ease

A trip is so much more than air travel. Offer your customers extensive hotel content, public and private transport, as well as local services such as activities and transfers. Amadeus Selling Platform Connect also allows content integration from your own suppliers.

More individuality, more efficiency

Our platform can be adapted to your specific requirements, leading to a more efficient and streamlined experience.

Choose a system that is best for you

We guarantee compatibility with all major operating systems and fully certified for the latest versions of popular Internet browser.

Create personalized strategies

Smart script technology gives you the freedom to devise your own strategy with content or tools from other developers. You can even integrate third-party content directly into your booking flow with automatic PNR synchronization. 

Drive your productivity

Reduce administrative workload to free up more time for creating amazing travel experiences for your customers.

Enjoy the simplicity of our intuitive interface 

Our simple-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) adapts to your way of working. Experienced users can enjoy working in their preferred environment, while the graphic-only interface is always at hand to simplify complex tasks for newcomers and pros alike.

Utilize our range of powerful suite modules 

Discover a range of time-saving features within the Productivity Suite, such as Smart Flows, File Finishing, Smart Triggers and a Quality Monitor. Every feature has been purpose-built to improve your performance and your productivity, saving you both time and money.

Create the platform that’s right for you

An industry-first fully online travel agency platform, Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, gives travel agents the freedom, mobility...

An industry-first fully online travel agency platform, Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, gives travel agents the freedom, mobility and flexibility to work in the way that suits them best.

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Product Highlights Amadeus Selling Platform Connect

Work wherever and whenever you want. All you need is an internet connection and you’re ready to connect with online travel shoppers.  

Facilitate continual contact while working on the go. All you need is an internet connection and user credentials to access the cloud-based platform. 
Provide your customers with truly personalized travel packages, combining great content with relevance and efficiency. 
Access a broad range of full-service and affordable carriers from across the globe, all integrated into a simplified workflow. 
Go beyond air travel – book hotel services, public and private transport, activities and transfers. 
It’s your product – adapt the platform to fit your visual identity and differentiate your brand. 
Leverage adaptable software available for all major operating systems, featuring full support for all main internet browsers. 
Reduce administrative workload and maximize productivity, enabling your staff to dedicate more time to delivering an exceptional travel experience for your valued customers.  
Take advantage of an intuitive Graphical User Interface, adaptable to your preferred method of working.  

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