Amadeus Selling Platform

Have more to sell at your fingertips with our browser-based point-of-sale platform, so you can leverage the world’s most widely used retailing application. Make it faster and easier to sell all air and non-air travel content and perform all pre and post-sale activities on a single screen interface.

Sell more, sell faster, sell easier with Amadeus Selling Platform, leveraging quality content and an intuitive single screen interface.


Boost your productivity and sell more from a single source

Access our broadest range of fares and content, including non-Amadeus content, from a single access point. Capture new upsell opportunities with targeted information and enhanced content messages. Boost your productivity boom and keep costs down with streamlined sales, booking and back-end processes.

Promote your ancillary services

Build the perfect offer and stay competitive with the ability to book and promote ancillary services more effectively.

Display all your content on one desktop

Integrate third-party content and applications from front to back-office, as well as new business model airlines such as low-cost and hybrid carriers.

Access fly by rail

Directly book Eurostar high speed trains from the Airline availability display. Add value to your business by complementing air segments or propose relevant alternatives to air when needed.

Provide your customers with a superior level of service

Exceed your customers' expectations with customer profiles and personalised service. Choose the graphic or cryptic interface you prefer, thanks to a scalable, browser-based software available in 9 languages. 

Enhance ticket reissuance with automation

Automate the calculations necessary to reissue a ticket and store the results in the correct ticketing formats.

All the simplicity of a web application

Connect to the Amadeus System with improved efficiency through the Internet or your Intranet thanks to browser-based software. You’ll also be able to incorporate dual usage with combined graphic/cryptic interface.

Product Highlights Amadeus Selling Platform

Discover a next-generation booking and fulfilment platform for travel agencies. Amadeus Selling Platform Connect is designed to free you from technological constraints so you can put your passion to work.

Search, browse and sell the widest range of aggregated fare content in one tool.
Construct perfect offers and safeguard competitive positioning.
Take advantage of streamlined and comprehensive content comparison.
Improve operational efficiency through an easy to use graphical user interface.
Control and manage customer profile information, leveraging individual preferences for personalized offers.
Utilize automated functionality when handling online ticket reissuance.

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