Amadeus Multimodal Content

Increase your travel agency booking levels with Amadeus Multimodal Content, allowing customers to purchase air tickets with train and/or bus connections in a single PNR. This allows you to provide a complete service with all the same procedures and commercial guarantees travelers expect.

Sell multimodal transportation in a single PNR and provide complete itineraries with no interruptions.


Combination bookings made easy

Facilitate combo bookings between air, train and/or bus connections in a single PNR, allowing you to maximize revenue and optimize your operational flow.

Comprehensive content distribution

Content offering is distributed in all point of sales in Amadeus: Selling Platform Classic, Connect, Webservices and cytric T&E.

Shared carrier codes

Take advantage of interlining agreements within shared carrier codes, for example: Air France (AF) and SNCF (2C).

Accurate availability

Air and ground carrier availability search is based on IATA cities registered for the local destinations.

Interlining agreements

Top airlines with interlining agreements include: Air France, Lufthansa, Iberia, Air Europa. Ground Transportation Companies: SNFC, DB, ALSA, Renfe, Avanza.

Product Highlights Amadeus Multimodal Content

Expand the breadth of your content offer to destinations with non-flight connection, with no implementation costs and deployment already set by default.

Increase revenues & bookings generation.
Optimize the operational flow by booking the train and/or bus content in a single point of sale. 
Offer a wider range of content to destinations which are often not provided to travel customers. 
Improve the management of travel processes by providing a complete and secure service (door-to-door).
Guarantee your customers tickets availability, comfort and safety throughout their whole trip.
Maintain customer loyalty by providing a complete service.