Mobile Traveller by Amadeus

Today’s traveler is well connected and using their smartphones to book and manage their trips. From flights to hotels to taxi transfers, your agency needs to provide them with reliable service and attention. It’s time for you to take your first step into mobile.

Start servicing with your mobile brand alongside our trusted B2C travel shopping app.


Provide efficient trip management

Travelers are relying on their smartphones for everything - give them all of the information they need to relax and enjoy their trips through our trusted B2C travel app.

Convenient itinerary management

Mobile Traveller by Amadeus offers everything your travelers need to stay connected from flight, hotel and car details to notifications and social media.

Intuitive Trip Booking

Enable your travelers to search and book flights with ease and cross-sell them valuable hotel, car, taxi and parking services to enhance their journey.

Enhance agent productivity

With your travelers receiving immediate knowledge of itinerary changes or disruptions, your travel agents will spend their time on more value-add servicing and selling activities.

Lower cost to serve

Reduce call center and agent time handling basic inquiries from travelers about their itineraries. Proactively inform your travel clients about changes to their trip and free up time to assist them with more complex needs.

Improved traveler loyalty

Your travelers will feel secure knowing you and Mobile Traveller by Amadeus are right along with them wherever they go. With the app in hand, your travel clients will come back to you again and again for service and support.

Stay visible and nimble in a fast-changing world

Keep up with the world's demanding mobile marketplace. Provide smartly organized and reliable itinerary management services in a platform that gives total visibility and reliability to your travelers.

Powerful co-branding presence

Enable your travelers to search for and book flights with ease while cross-selling hotel, car, taxi and parking services to further generate revenue.

Fast and easy activation

Offer everything your travelers need to stay connected over multiple amenities, including notifications, calendars and social media access.

Product Highlights Mobile Traveller by Amadeus

Align your brand with Mobile Traveller by Amadeus and get full access to our itinerary management and shopping application with air, hotel, taxi, parking and activities.

The app is available to travelers for free from the Apple Store and Google Play Stores and is supported by light advertising.
Create a powerful co-branding presence with us – place your agency and contact details alongside a highly trusted travel technology brand.
Give your customers efficient management of all trip details, including instant notifications of itinerary changes or disruptions.
With easy activation, agencies can set up their co-branded mobile app at a cost-effective rate in less than 45 days.
Trust in our well-established technology as we provide constant updates and improvements to the mobile service.

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