Amadeus Mini Rules

Make sense of complicated fare rules and conditions with a short and clear summary of the most important fare rules in a structured format for a given pricing. This enables Amadeus customers – both internal and external – to fare rules that are easy to read and translate when necessary.

Simplify complex fare rules and conditions into easily understood, readily translatable text, enhancing the service you offer travelers.


Customize and translate your fare rules without any hassle

Amadeus Mini Rules data is returned in a structured message – a unique feature – via our dedicated Web Services. Amadeus' structured format allows for easy translation and text formatting.

Simplify fare rules

Amadeus Mini Rules gives you an instant overview of essential, up-to-date fare rules and conditions for any itinerary through your preferred Amadeus front-office solution.

Simplify fare conditions 

Provide travelers with easy-to-read and understandable fare conditions that they can quickly and easily share.

Benefit from easy access to and adjustment of Mini Rules

Amadeus Mini Rules are available through Amadeus Web Services and Amadeus Selling Platform Connect. Amadeus Mini Rules data is available after itinerary pricing or re-pricing request (including ATC) and from a TST.

Integrate seamlessly with your Front Office solution

Data is automatically processed and available through your preferred Amadeus Front Office solution.

Gain peace-of-mind with guaranteed data accuracy

Accuracy is assured with airline filed fare rule data, which guarantees the most up-to-date information is displayed.

Harness precise, up-to-date information on ticket conditions

Amadeus Mini Rules are dynamically processed from the exact restrictions that are applied during pricing. This assures 100% up-to-date information on the most important conditions applicable to each ticket.

Maximize agent productivity

Agents can refer to the fare rules once a trip is priced or ticketed.

Minimize time wastage

Reduce time spent searching fare rules.

Product Highlights Amadeus Mini Rules

Take advantage of clear, concise and relevant fare rule information, saving time and helping you inform your customers better.

Access an instant overview of all essential fare rules and conditions across any itinerary.
Enhance customer satisfaction with simplified, easy-to-understand fare conditions.
Amadeus Mini Rules are available through both Amadeus Web Services and Amadeus Selling Platform Connect.
Maximize agent productivity by reducing the time spent searching for fare rules.

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