Amadeus Meta Pricer

Take advantage of a high-performance, flexible and interactive tool designed to return the best value ticket fares offered across a wide range of different airline websites – quickly and easily. Amadeus Meta Pricer’s sort filter and functionality make searching for a flight simple.

Amadeus Meta Pricer allows end users to navigate a large volume of comprehensive recommendations with advanced sort and filter functionality.


Efficient access to wide-ranging content

Amadeus Meta Pricer opens doors to over 95% of the world’s major airlines. In practical terms, that means easy access to fare information from over 480 premium carriers and 59 low-cost carriers.

All-in-one search functionality

In a single search and just a matter of seconds, Amadeus Meta Pricer can return up to 200 of the best, most affordable travel solutions for the airlines selected.

Accurate prices in real-time

Our platform is built on state-of-the-art technology that facilitates access to a wide range of digestible fare information. This means quick delivery of precise insights into available fares.

Enhance both the client and user experience

Above all else, clients value reliability and efficiency. Amadeus Meta Pricer contributes to a more effective workflow for your agents, which spills over into a better shopping experience for your customers.

Enhance end users’ shopping experience

Amadeus Meta Pricer offers best-in-class accuracy and speed in delivering flight offers that are tailored around your customers’ preference. This helps you make the purchase of flights as easy as possible for your clients and consequently boosts customer retention.

Forward-thinking technology

Amadeus Meta Pricer delivers the next generation of technology by enabling travel metasearch websites to directly query the Amadeus system and avoid scraping airlines' sites. 

Product Highlights Amadeus Meta Pricer

Stay competitive with cutting-edge technology that helps you find the best airfare options in real-time and with unrivaled precision.

Partner with a technology company that’s been a travel industry leader for the past 30 years.
Access the widest search content in the quickest time.
Access all your distribution partners via a single source of information.
Unbeatable source of content: over 95% of the world's airline capacity.
Build long-term confidence with travel providers.
Reduce the negative cost and performance impacts of travel search engines on airline websites.
Reduce your costs and increase your efficiency.
Source expansive content via a single connection.
Reduce your operations, maintenance and development costs.
Empower your customers and drive business for your travel agency.

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