Amadeus Master Pricer Expert

Make use of our multi-channel travel search engine and quickly find the fares that are right for your customers. Enhance the way you do business with fast, flexible and accurate airline fare searches, built for multiple Amadeus Platforms.

Take advantage of fast, flexible and accurate airline fare searches, enhancing the services you provide to high-value travelers.


Improve your level of service

Offer competitive travel solutions to find the new lowest fares for price-driven customers and propose a list of relevant alternatives to travel agent’s customers.

Give your customers multiple options

Give your customers options with 50 flight recommendations returned immediately.

Seamlessly merge your systems

Master Price Expert can be easily integrated into your mid- and back-office systems through the Amadeus Interface Record or Amadeus Agency Manager and it also includes automatic PNR updates.

Effective itinerary management

Manage complex itineraries of up to six segments, enhancing the service you offer for high-value and high-volume travelers.

 Optimize your search results

Take advantage of extensive search filter criteria to quickly find the best option among search results, with fares and availability all displayed on one screen.

Enable your travel shoppers to search for options more efficiently

Increase the level of service to your customers by providing them with complex itineraries in a simple format.

Choice of currencies

Override the currency during the search process with any desired currency.

Search in multiple segments

Search up to six travel segments at a time in the currency of your choice.

Be transparent with your costs

Make sure that travel agents' fees are included in the fare when integrated with Amadeus Service Fee Manager.

Customize your offers to meet client needs

Find travel solutions that match your customers’ profile preferences thanks to flexible and powerful options allowing designed to meet their needs.

 Keep your criteria flexible

Give your customers the choice to search by airport or city, alternate airports or cities, alternate dates, non-stop flights, time of arrival and time of departure, or with or without taxes or surcharges.

Do more for your travelers

Allow access to more services at booking to increase your bottom line and help your travelers save money when features like luggage pre-check are available and included in the total price.

Product Highlights Amadeus Master Pricer Expert

With a host of travel search criteria and optionality, you’re able to tailor travel booking recommendations to your customers' needs in seconds.

Provide an enhanced service for price-driven travelers by offering the lowest possible fares and relevant alternatives for travel agents’ customers.
Easy to use with streamlined integration into mid- and back-office via Amadeus Interface Record and Amadeus Agency Manager.
Search up to six travel segments at a time and introduce preferred currency at the point of search.
Take advantage of flexible criteria including airport, city, dates, non-stop flights, time of arrival and more.

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