Amadeus Link Report

Increase your agency’s sales and performance with Amadeus Link Report, a comprehensive tool designed to help you always make strategic decisions.

Effectively manage your sales data with Amadeus Link Report, a comprehensive tool helping you make the right business decisions for your travel agency.


Improve your competitive position

Stay ahead of your competitors with a simple system that complies, analyses and allows you to manage individualized sales data and reports.

Gather and compile insightful data

Receive real-time data from the Amadeus Interface Record (A.I.R). Create performance summaries of what’s important to you. Feed your mid- and back-office through a secure web.

Analyze and build reports in real time

Analyze important information, build reports and get statistical summaries with your sales data – all in real time.

Take advantage of comprehensive reporting

Generate and leverage a number of insightful reports to ensure you’re always making the right decisions for your agency.

The Sales Reports

Provides data relating to operations that occurred during a selected period of time.

The General Report

Contains documents issued during a specific period and indicates their final status.

The Graphic Report

Generatse data from sales reports and contains information relating to tickets and EMDs the issue/reissue status for a specific period.

The Analytic Reports

Analyzes issued and reissued tickets against tickets refunded. These reports can be customized based on parameters selected (e.g. airlines, ticketing, agents passengers, customers).

Custom Reports

Saved templates that may be used to generate frequently used reports quickly.

Leverage multiple log types

Make use of multiple log types with Amadeus Link Report, helping you make the best strategic decisions for your agency.

The AIR Parsing Log

These logs are registered AIR files sent to Amadeus Link from the central system. The AIR Parsing Log page will also indicate where the AIR data was successfully received by Amadeus Link.

The Push AIR Log

This page can send AIR files to any external URL addresses. This will be processed by Amadeus Web Services.

The Push XML Log

This page allows you to push AIR in XML format.


Tutorial: How to log in to Amadeus Link Report

Find out how to log in and use Amadeus Link Report.

Tutorial: How to generate a sales report with Amadeus Link

Need to know how to generate a sales report in Amadeus Link? Check out this video and find out how easy it is.

How to generate a graphic report with Amadeus Link Report

Check out how easy it is to create graphic sales report with Amadeus Link

Product Highlights Amadeus Link Report

With Amadeus Link Report, you can access perfectly structured relevant information through an easy to use interface.

Gain immediate insight relating to your travel agency’s operations with Amadeus Link Report.
Leverage a variety of insightful reports and improve your strategic decision making.
Create and take advantage of sales, general, graphic, analytical and custom reports.
Make use of 3 separate types of log: the AIR Parsing log, the Push AIR Log, and the Push AIR Log.

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