Amadeus Leisure IBE

Our Internet Booking Engine offers all you need for successful online distribution. With the Leisure IBE from Amadeus, your customers can quickly and easily find suitable travel offers on your website - they can easily be booked online and on mobile devices.

Our Internet Booking Engine offers all you need for successful online distribution. Search suitable travel offers for your travel portal customers quickly and automatically suggest alternatives.


Provide a superior level of service

Give customers the best tools to find exactly what they are looking for, tailoring your service to fit their needs. Stay aware of your customers’ interests and measure the success of your current strategies in the marketplace.

Evaluate your marketing performance

Revenue forecasts and liquidity plans can be produced quickly and easily, as can lists of frequently sold destinations, hotels or organizers and data to help you evaluate your online marketing activities.

Customize and optimize

Special deep links, email confirmation texts, "sharp" booking using address validation and much more details can be configured based on requirement.


Detail-oriented travel shopping

Comprehensive geo-referenced image and text provide valuable information to the holidaymaker regarding the surrounding environment and facilities at their chosen holiday destination.

Hotel review content

Add our collection of more than 1.7 million hotel reviews to help travelers make booking decisions.

Valuable customer feedback

After their holiday, customers are automatically invited to rate their trip.

Instantaneous offers

Our IBE technology draws from a database of billions of offers to present clear and available package options within milliseconds.

The Amadeus Leisure IBE is available for travel agencies in three versions:

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Leisure IBE Starter

A low-priced standard version of our IBE is an i-Frame solution. It allows you to present offers by all tour operators on your own homepage and make them bookable for online customers.

Combine all types of content

The IBE allows you to display holiday packages, hotels and charter flights on your site.


Stay connected to your customer no matter what device they search and book your site on – from desktop to mobile, we have you covered.

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Leisure IBE Standard

A streamlined, easy-to-use, all-in-one solution built on market-leading IBE technology.

Intelligent bookings

Utilize booking flows for package tour offers. Review hotel-only bookings and charter offers available across more than 140 integrated tour operators with extensive travel information.

Sleek, user-friendly interface

Design options allow you to adapt colors and graphics to your brand. Various optional modules and features are possible as well.

Premium display

Responsive design guarantees an optimal display on desktop PC, tablet and smartphone.

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Leisure IBE Premium

Access and enjoy a superior design with our Premium service. Added flexibility also allows for personalized layouts.

Match offers to devices

Multi-device strategies can be implemented with responsive design as well as with booking flows particularly optimized for smartphones.

Configure to your needs

Differentiate the way you display offers with your own design and with a variety of optional modules and features.

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Add-on modules

By combining different add-on modules to your IBE, you’ll create a completely personalized portal and booking experience for your customers. Certain modules are only available for Amadeus Leisure IBE Standard or Premium.

Airport Multi-Selection

The departure airport selection offers the traveler an intuitive and comfortable selection of possible departure airports, including overview maps so they can compare their options.

Alternative Flights

Show your customers available flight alternatives that match their selected tour package offer.

Alternative Hotel List

With a combination of existing search options and IBE features different sorting possibilities are offered to the end customer, e.g. best price, best seller and best rated.

Best Price Per Tour Operator

This module allows you to display the lowest travel price per tour operator on your site.

Cross check

Cross Check makes travel offers transparent for the end users, allowing them to switch between travel offers to easily compare prices and book the travel offer of their choice.

Family Pilot

This module supports holiday searches when there is at least one child among the travellers. It automatically checks the first five offers for availability and displays the total price including child allowance.

Maps Integration

Users can view and book travel offers directly from a map very quickly. It’s also possible to explore all relevant information on the desired destination and to get realistic insights by means of a wide range of inspiring pictures.

Price Curve

As an alternative to the list view, the Price Curve shows the end customer the lowest travel price per day within the selected travel period. The displayed period comprises 14 days and can be scrolled back and forth by the day.

Recommendation System

Display the top booked hotels in the touristic regions and in different travel months in a way that will add value to your portal. The proposed travel offers may differ from the original search parameters, which means that interesting alternatives are suggested to the online customer.

Service Enhancer

In most cases the customer's booking decision depends on the travel price. But it is often possible to get a lot more service for a small extra charge. The Service Enhancer offers this opportunity by showing and checking availability of additional offers with better services or a different room type

Suggest box

Suggest Box is a freely editable input field that facilitates the search for attractive travel regions worldwide. The travel seekers' entries are always saved, so that you can analyse them and respond to customer demands with target-oriented travel offers.

Top Hotels

Top Hotels allows you to review certain hotels, upload pictures and highlight them for the end customer.

Tour Operator Multi-Selection

The Tour Operator Multi-Selection offers travel seekers a flexible selection of possible tour operators in a sin-gle search request.

Trend Messenger

The Trend Messenger shows the travel seeker how often his favored hotel has been booked and how long ago the last booking took place, allowing them to see if a hotel is highly popular at the moment or not.

Vacancy Pilot

The module supports end customers with the holiday search by automatically prompting a renewed vacancy check of a travel offer when the first choice is already fully booked. To complement the Vacancy Pilot there is an additional specialized search logic for family trips, the Family Pilot.

Wish List

With the wish list your customer can create their own clearly arranged hotel list from the overall range of offers. Further personalized search parameters can be added to further refine the hotel comparison. They can also easily share their wish list friends and family.

Our content solutions

Thrive in an increasingly competitive market space with innovative, superior content. Amadeus' content solutions for travel...

Thrive in an increasingly competitive market space with innovative, superior content. Amadeus' content solutions for travel agencies are designed to engage customers across the entire booking chain.

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Product Highlights Amadeus Leisure IBE

Create an irresistible online shopping experience for holidaymakers.

Travelers can search online to book holiday package tours, charter flights, hotels, rental cars and travel insurance.
Customers can easily browse and book online or by mobile with ease, via either of our product lines: Starter, Standard or Premium.
Configure and customize your system to give travelers the best tools to get what they want.
Get essential knowledge on services and the surrounding areas, with geo-referenced information and extensive guest reviews.
Exact search delivers relevant search results.

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