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Connect the dots of your customers’ travel experience by offering local, regional and global car rental companies – all at competitive prices. All reservations are pre-paid, allowing your agents to gain commission rapidly and travelers to avoid additional fees during their journey.

Expand your offer to local, regional and global car rental companies, all at competitive prices.


High commission and no hidden costs

Employ the services of local, regional and global rental companies at competitive rates. Incentivize your agents with instant commissions paid up front through pre-paid reservations. Enhance the customer experience by eliminating hidden fees.

Streamline processes

Increase operational speed with comprehensive Passenger Name Record (PNR) integration.

24/7 operational support

Receive expert advice across multiple languages with our full operational support, available 24/7.

One-time registration

Enjoy a one-off registration which is valid for all users of your Office ID.

Optimize your time

No need to spend time on negotiations with car rental companies.

Product Highlights Amadeus Leisure Cars

Get the best pre-paid car rental rates for your customers and up-front commission for you!

Browse competitive rates across local, regional and global markets through a single Office ID encompassing all users within a single registration.
Enjoy peace of mind knowing all mandatory extras are inclusive and certified commission is paid up front.
Lengthy negotiations with car rental companies are eradicated and booking processes flow seamlessly.
Access extensive and fully integrated Passenger Name Records.

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