Hotels Plus

Take advantage of a one-stop-shop to book hotels, built to drive agency profitability for all types of travel agencies. Hotels Plus provides seamlessly integrated hotel content from hotel chains, representation companies, private hotels and leading hotel aggregators via Amadeus Selling Platform.

Get access to content from hotel chains, representation companies, private hotels and hotel aggregators via a single interface.



Maximize your content acquisition

Access over one million chains plus independent and aggregator hotel shopping options – all from a single shopping and reservation interface.

Drive profitability with flexible payment

Enhance your level of service with flexible payment methods while simultaneously improving cash-flow and profitability.

Manage bookings in real time

Full active Passenger Name Record (PNR) integration lets you manage bookings anytime, from anywhere, and in real time. This reduces time spent on administrative tasks and allows staff to focus on delivering exceptional customer service.


Help travelers find what they’re looking for

Ensure every customer can match their specific needs with the perfect hotel using our enhanced search filters.

Access extensive hotel information

Give your customers access to a wealth of important hotel-related information for enhanced and informed decision-making.

Enhance your hotel comparison services

Compare and contrast different hotel offers using the map view.

Prioritize profitable hotels

Effectively compare rates with the inclusion of standardized agency revenue information in one display. This allows you to select only the most profitable hotels to work with.

Amadeus trusted reviews

Give customers access to reliable reviews written by actual travelers and help them make more informed booking decisions.

Bookmark, compare and forward

Speed up the purchase decision-making process by instantly emailing detailed hotel comparisons to your customers.

Synchronize all systems in real-time

Eliminate manual errors and allow any colleague to pull up any booking at any time with comprehensive system synchronization.

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Product Highlights Hotels Plus

Leverage seamlessly integrated hotel content from numerous hotel chains, representation companies, private hotels and leading hotel aggregators – all accessible through a single interface.

Access content from over one million chain hotels, independent hotels, representation companies and hotel aggregators.
Leverage flexible payment methods for enhanced customer service and maximized profits.
Benefit from full PNR integration, enabling real-time booking management and streamlined processes.
Utilize enhanced search filter functionality without the need for any special training or coding.
Make only the most profitable decisions for your business with our Estimated Earnings Indicator.
Provide customers with reliable information via Amadeus Trusted Reviews.
Eliminate manual errors with real-time synchronization across all systems.

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