Amadeus Hotels Web Services

With Amadeus Hotel Web Services, your retail travel agency benefits from our powerful hotel search engine based on a multi-level caching system, offering you a wide range of advanced search options and enhanced search filters to make finding the hotel you need quick and simple.

Take advantage of unrivalled, up-to-date content and book rooms quickly and efficiently.


Access great content with ease

Access the best travel content for your retail travel agency, enabling you to give your customers the best travel offers possible.

Single access point to content

With over 2.5 million shopping options and over 618,000 unique properties at your disposal, Amadeus Hotels Web Services gives you access to unrivaled, quality content from the top hotel chains in the world, the leading local and regional aggregators, independent hotels and small chains.

Standardized content

Amadeus works with leading hotel providers at HEDNA to create standardized data quality. And now thanks to Amadeus Parsing Engine, all free-flow text is automatically converted into structured descriptions and information that will make will make life easier for your customers.

Quick and efficient search

Minimize time wastage and maximize productivity with our instant search functionality, which gives you easy access to an optimal range of travel plans and deals for your customers.

Harness our powerful hotel search engine

With our powerful hotel search engine based on a multi-level caching system, plus the wide range of advanced search options and enhanced search filters, finding the hotel that works for your customers is quick and simple. Our filters include price range, amenities, rate type and many more.

Flexible rate and payment options

We know the customer comes first, which is why we accommodate all payment and rate options that your retail travel agency will have to process.

Make use of flexible payment options

Amadeus Hotels Web Services customers have access to a wide selection of competitive rates designed to help drive profitability. Different payment options are available depending on agency and customer preferences, including pre-payment, post-payment and Amadeus Hotel Billback.

Benefit from expert consultancy

We go over and above for our clients. Beyond just offering a service that gives you access to the best hotel options and rates, we also continue to work with you to ensure your travel agency and the customers you serve continually get the most out of our platform.

Get help from our dedicated team of experts

It’s our mission to help your retail travel agency get the most out of your solution. Our dedicated team of experts is on hand to provide you full support to help define and improve your hotel strategy. Our consultancy services include rate and inventory benchmarks, a rate auditing tool and more.

PNR integration

Seamless integration with your front- mid- and back-office for increased productivity and enhanced customer service.

You no longer have to handle hotel booking segments manually

With Amadeus Hotels Web Services, all hotel booking information is integrated in real time. This offers full visibility on true hotel spend, allowing you to better track where you are spending your money and eliminating manual errors so you can concentrate on assisting your customers.

Product Highlights Amadeus Hotels Web Services

Ease your travel agency’s workflow with easy access to extensive hotel content that allows you to connect your customers with the best offer possible and improve your company’s reputation.

Single access point to the whole Amadeus hotels content portfolio.
Multiple rate and payment options.
Consultancy services to optimize your hotel program.
Flexible and efficient search and filtering tools.
Real-time access to hotel inventory, up to last room availability.
Full mid- and back-office integration for increased productivity.
Enhanced productivity tools.
Reduced back-office costs.

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