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Find the perfect hotel for your clients every time and earn new revenue for your business. We’ve partnered with global, regional and local hospitality providers to bring you high-quality content that will keep customers smiling from check-in to check-out.

Help customers find the perfect hotel and achieve higher revenue with hotels content from Amadeus.


Streamline sales and search

Our product allows you to rapidly filter through rated content with an intelligent search engine. Take advantage of smart search criteria based on dozens of hotel facilities or amenities and intuitive geographical factors.

Navigate content with ease

Quickly filter through a wealth of hotel content, pre-populated search based on flight information.

Find what you’re looking for – fast

Help every traveler find their dream hotel based on their preferences and requirements. Our advanced search options allow you to search by meal plan, star rating, hotel facilities, distance to the city center and more.

Easy hotel comparison

Hotel comparison is made even easier with our price indicator, showing the best rate for your room requirements. Comparison is handled on a single screen to help you quickly identify the option that best suits your traveler’s needs.

Integration made easy

We won’t force you to change how you contract and make money – you’ll continue to work with your preferred partners the way you want.

Real-time availability

We offer a wide range of instantly bookable rates, including corporate, net, promotional, weekend, pre-paid, post-paid and service fee models.

Seamless back-end integration

We integrate hotel aggregator content in the same way that we integrate content from other hotel providers on Amadeus. This means every hotel booking you make is recognized across all your systems.

Share information easily

Information is seamlessly transferred to the mid- and back-office. This means you can handle invoicing, reconciliation, reporting to clients and the management of supplier contracts with greater efficiency.

Multiple payment options

Make payments with ease, whether it be by credit card, hotel voucher, Amadeus Hotel Billback, credit line or bank transfer.

Keep your customers informed

Give customers access to comprehensive knowledge and resources designed to help them make optimal decisions and enhance their experience.

Visualize the experience

A rich amount of multimedia information, with photographs, videos and interactive maps available for customers to help compare and filter their desired criteria.

Everything you need to know

Make informed decisions relating to cancellation, hold time, guarantee and deposit policies. We also have multilingual descriptive information, rate and room descriptions, hotel amenities and more.

Locate every hotel

Use accurate geocoding to pinpoint any hotel’s exact location.

Product Highlights Hotels Content

Engage customers with high-quality hotel content, sourced from global, regional and local establishments.

Streamline the sales process with advanced search optionality.
Take advantage of over 2.3 million shopping options for more than 730,000 unique properties.
We offer instant bookable rates including corporate, net, promotional, weekend, pre/post-paid and service fee models.
Seamlessly transfer information between mid and back-office.
Support numerous payment methods including credit card, hotel voucher, bank transfer and more.
Provide customers with a wealth of multimedia information including interactive maps, images and videos.

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