Amadeus Hotel Billback

Make life easier for your customers with our fully automated program for accommodation payment. Send a payment to a hotel secure in the knowledge that your travelers won’t be charged upon checkout thanks to our reliable virtual card payment method.

Automate and simplify the accommodation payment process for travelers with Amadeus Hotel Billback.


Make your operations more efficient and reliable

Efficiently and reliably reconcile hotel bookings that your agency has paid for on behalf of your clients, helping to streamline and develop your operations by reducing the manual effort involved in booking.

Speed up your workflow with automatic processing

Card numbers are automatically added to the Amadeus hotel sell request and sent to the hotel’s central reservations system (CRS) for processing.

Eliminate complications with seamless integration

Once bookings are confirmed, the virtual credit card number appears in the hotel segment just as it would for any other reservation. 

Maximize the security and reliability of your payments

Minimize the risk of fraud on your agency or corporate clients' cards.

Industry-approved security

Amadeus Hotel Billback is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant, a fact that speaks for how reliable our payment management is.

Go over and above for your clients

Benefit from the variety of extra features offered by Amadeus Hotel Billback, all of which enhance the client experience without the burden of extra work.

Set a convenient spending limit for clients

Help your customers control their travel spend by setting a spending limit on the virtual card.

Communicate with hotel suppliers with ease

A customized fax is automatically generated containing a complete overview of the guest stay, as well as the Conferma reference number and single-use virtual credit card.

Product Highlights Amadeus Hotel Billback

A more reliable and efficient billback solution for business travel agencies and management companies to offer their clients.

Upon traveler check-out, hotels can debit the virtual card and send invoices back to booking agents.
Support customers and help to manage travel spending by setting limits on virtual cards.
Customer card numbers are added to the Amadeus hotel sell request automatically and sent simultaneously to the hotel CRS for processing.
Decrease the amount of time staff spend manually booking and paying for hotels on behalf of your corporate clients with a new streamlined smart system.

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