Amadeus Electronic Miscellaneous Document

Acquire a complete EMD solution, fully compliant with the latest industry mandates and signed-off by IATA, enabling you to issue documents for travel related services, including unbundled airline services. Take advantage of a single, standard method to issue all travel related services, replacing the existing automated MCO, Amadeus virtual MCO and IATA virtual MPD.

Leverage the best multi-channel fulfilment product in its class with full integration into the ancillary services sales flow.


Enjoy greater flexibility

Amadeus offers you a full EMD solution, with two types of documents available for greater flexibility. The solution offers a high level of flexibility and is fully customizable to your market specifications and/or to local market constraints.

EMD-S (stand-alone)

EMD-S fully replaces the paper automated and virtual MCO, can be issued in connection with a ticket (as a reference), and used at different stages of the sales flow (at issuance, change of status time, etc.).

EMD-A (associated)

EMD-A is directly linked to an individual flight coupon, can be used to collect charges at the same time as the flight coupon (the status for both coupons is synchronized), and can be automatically or manually associated and disassociated from an e-ticket.

Take advantage of enhanced functionality

The EMD brings enhanced functionality, delivering interlining, multi-coupon functionality and e-ticket association.

Full integration

The EMD is fully integrated in the Amadeus system with a one-stop view in the PNR, as well as automatic reporting in the sales report and back-office systems via the Amadeus Interface Record.

Interlining and automation

Gain superior functionality including interlining facility, multi-coupon functionality and e-ticket association. Amadeus EMD also provides automatic fulfilment of ancillary services, offering a high level of flexibility that you can tailor to customer's needs.

Product Highlights Amadeus Electronic Miscellaneous Document

Amadeus is leading the industry with a single, standard method to issue all travel related documentation.

Fully compliant with industry mandates and signed-off by IATA.
Fully integrated in the reservation and sales flow, with all processing harmonized within your customer's booking.
Maximize revenue with ancillary services sold in the indirect channel.
Take advantage of automatic pricing, EMD generation and reporting of ancillary services.

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