Amadeus CheckMyTrip with Dynamic Branding

Amadeus CheckMyTrip with Dynamic Branding is the most affordable and effective way for small boutique travel agencies to establish a dynamic mobile presence and empower their travelers with self-service. Wow your travelers and never look back at paper again. Give them our beautifully organized and reliable CheckMyTrip application with itinerary management and other must-have trip tools - all powered by our community platform and trusted partner network.

Establish your mobile presence alongside our trusted B2C itinerary management app.


Seamless management organization

Give your travelers access to a powerful itinerary management solution. With easy access to information tailored to their trip, your customers stay updated and in control and of every step of their journey.

Stay connected with your customers

Give your customers a comprehensive view of their trip details, including changes and notifications for multiple amenities – all from a single app.

Fast and affordable market entry

Subscribers can activate their dynamic mobile presence at a cost-effective rate in less than 45 days.

Offer a reliable service that’s always up to date

Continuous maintenance and improvements to the CheckMyTrip app are covered, so travelers can enjoy the most reliable mobile experience throughout their journeys. Plus, a ready-made agency marketing kit means that promoting CheckMyTrip to travelers is a breeze.

Ongoing hassle-free innovation

We are constantly working on new features, content and functionalities. Updates are automatically implemented with no extra effort from the travel agent.

Years of experience and dedication

Built upon 30 years of travel technology experience with open-source frameworks and best in-class partners, we’re among the highest ranked for success in the travel industry.

Better your brand

We help improve branding for your company by displaying your agency's logo and contact details in relevant bookings.

Ready-made marketing

With our out-of-the-box, co-brandable marketing toolkit featuring a range of online and offline assets, you can help spread the word about CheckMyTrip to travelers.

Deliver a dynamic co-branding experience

Display your agency’s brand and contact details alongside a highly trusted travel technology provider. Plus, make travel agents available to their mobile traveler 24/7.

Product Highlights Amadeus CheckMyTrip with Dynamic Branding

Align your brand with our flagship mobile CheckMyTrip itinerary management application.

The app is available for free via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It also supports in-app purchase opportunities and light advertising.
Prepare your customers with a complete view of multiple amenities and updated notifications, helping your travelers to stay organized.
Trust in our established technology as we constantly work on providing updates and improvements to the mobile service.
Get instant access to marketing toolkits with both online and offline materials.
Through our dynamic branding option within CheckMyTrip, SMEs can establish their mobile presence with almost no additional effort.

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