Amadeus Best Pricer

By eliminating the need for fare display and availability manual searches, Amadeus Best Pricer provides the best fares in one easy step. Not only is it highly reliable, it also leads to bookings the vast majority of the time and benefits from a price accuracy close to 100%.  

Eliminate the need for fare display and availability manual searches with the intuitive access to the lowest provided by Amadeus Best Pricer.


Harness our efficient and dependable systems

Amadeus Best Pricer ensures price accuracy and provides an easy booking flow that encourages more business.

Easily access the best prices in the existing PNR

Along with the data preferences set in a single transaction, you’re also now able to find the lowest price from an existing PNR and rebook at that price.

Choose from a comprehensive range of fares

Search across both published and private fares to find the best prices.

Find fare offers that match your clients’ needs

Amadeus Best Pricer provides you with easy access to a range of fares that are tailored to what your clients are looking for.

Customize and personalize

Amadeus Best Pricer provides personalized and customized travel products that help you serve your customers’ needs.

Product Highlights Amadeus Best Pricer

Meet the powerful fare search and booking tool that lets you offer your customers the best price for their itinerary in real-time.

Access Amadeus Best Pricer through various platforms, including cryptic, Amadeus Selling Platform, Amadeus e-Retail Engine or Amadeus API.
Browse customized travel products and personalized products.
Display accurate prices in real time and offer your customers bookable recommendations.
Search existing PNR databases to discover the lowest re-bookable prices in one singular transaction.

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