Amadeus B2B Wallet Credit by AirPlus

A virtual credit card solution that simplifies payments to travel suppliers. Easy to use, it provides an extended credit line, offered at no extra cost by AirPlus, and an integrated mid-office feed that can include additional information, enhancing the quality of statements.

Simply payments to travel suppliers with our forward-thinking virtual credit card solution, Amadeus B2B Wallet Credit by AirPlus.


Ensure ease of use with unrivalled service flexibility and security

Streamline payments

Benefit from a service that minimizes hassle and streamlines your payment operations, avoiding the burden of additional bank accounts.

No additional bank accounts

No additional bank account required with flexible billing frequencies available.

Intelligent control

Additional security is provided by restricted merchant categories, limiting payment to travel providers.

Eliminate fraud risk

With the secure payment structure of Amadeus B2B Wallet Credit by AirPlus, you can minimize fraud risk.

Secure environment

Protect your business with a highly secure payment platform that’s fully PCI DSS compliant. Fraud risks are minimized through the single use of generated MasterCard numbers.

Guaranteed global acceptance

Guaranteed global payment acceptance via Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP) and MasterCard worldwide.

Streamline your operations

Reduce cost with our efficient, fully integrated supplier payment solution.

Free credit line

A cost-effective payment solution where a credit line is supplied free of charge by AirPlus International and credit cards are issued in the name of your agency with no personal liability.

Fully integrated

Fully integrated in the Amadeus selling flow to streamline B2B payments, with a stand-alone solution via cryptic and web services. 

Reduce costly errors

Easily track and reconcile payments, saving you time and helping to reduce errors.

Product Highlights Amadeus B2B Wallet Credit by AirPlus

Pay all travel suppliers in a more efficient manner, reducing fraud risk and facilitating the reconciliation process.

You can receive an enhanced data statement feed through XML or CSV for automatic reconciliation.
A virtual credit card number is generated during the booking process and used to complete the payment.
Cross-reference data and information with regular, detailed and comprehensive statements.
Stand-alone solutions via web services and cryptic allow for streamlined and smooth B2B payments, fully integrated into the Amadeus selling flow.

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