Amadeus B2B Wallet

Whether you’re offline or online, Amadeus B2B Wallet can help you optimize payments to your supplier. Our product uses a cutting-edge virtual card payment system, which generates new card details every time the card is used.

Safe, secure and efficient virtual card payment product from Amadeus.


Turn payments into profit

Amadeus B2B Wallet guarantees you lower processing costs when paying your travel suppliers worldwide, while also offering two unique payment options – one which allows to earn revenue with every transaction and other which helps you save on surcharges.

Generate revenue or avoid surcharges

Two payment options give you the choice of either earning revenue via a rebate or avoiding card surcharges, making sure that there is an option that suits your business strategy and helps you maximize financial returns.

Decrease supplier payments costs worldwide

Virtual cards in Amadeus B2B Wallet can be issued in euros, US dollars, pounds sterling, Norwegian kroner, Swedish kronor, Danish kroner, Swiss francs, Canadian dollars, Hungarian forints or Polish zlotys, helping to reduce your exposure to foreign exchange fees.

Pay all your suppliers from one point

Amadeus B2B Wallet is a one-stop shop for all your supplier payments.

Reduce the complexity of supplier payments

Both cards can be used to purchase any type of content from any type of supplier: full service airlines (including those using billing and settlement plans), low-cost airlines, hotels, rail travel, car rental, cruise and travel packages.

Beat fraud and reduce risk

Amadeus B2B Wallet’s virtual card payment system is built around optimizing safety, security and reliability for every transaction.

Enhance your payment security

With our virtual payments cards’ ability to generate new details with every transaction, you can stay a step ahead of fraudsters and ensure your payments are always safe and secure.

Monitor and control card use

Take complete control over how and when each virtual card can be used with Amadeus B2B Wallet. Authorize payments only to be made to travel merchants, restrict card use to a specific timeframe, define the spend limit and limit use to a given office ID.

Protect against supplier default

Merchant guarantees – from companies such as Visa and Mastercard – help to protect you against supplier default if one of your suppliers goes bankrupt.

Streamline your operations

Amadeus B2B Wallet helps your payment processes as efficient as possible.

Expedite reconciliation

All your booking and payment data is contained in a single report for a streamlined reconciliation process. Each card number uniquely identifies the transaction and up to five additional data fields can be included to customize your reports.

Make your back-office processes more efficient

Each virtual card on Amadeus B2B Wallet has a unique number which is stored both in the booking records and the payment invoice for easy reconciliation.

Fully integrated in your booking environment

Save time by paying your suppliers directly from your preferred front-office solution: Amadeus Selling Platform, Amadeus Selling Platform Connect or via Web Services.

Product Highlights Amadeus B2B Wallet

Organize and streamline your supplier payments with B2B Wallet, the virtual card payment system from Amadeus. Our service represents the industry best-in-class for secure, reliable and efficient payment processes.

Choose between two unique payment options, either allowing you to earn extra revenue via a rebate or avoid card surcharges.
Purchase any type of content from any type of supplier in multiple currencies.
Easily make payments for any type of travel content.
Virtual cards can be issued in a wide range of currencies to reduce your exposure to foreign exchange fees.
Mitigate the risk of supplier default.
Integrate our virtual card payment system into your booking environment.

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