Amadeus Unused Electronic Ticketing and Reporting (UETTR)

Enhance the way you manage unused tickets and improve your customer service with detailed UETT reports. Reports can be executed on demand or scheduled to run automatically.

Generate UETT reports based on specified search criteria for enhanced ticket management.


On demand and schedule reporting

You can access reports on demand or schedule them to be regularly generated automatically depending on your needs.

On demand reports

When a request for UETT Report on demand is made, the system generates a report according to the search criteria specified in your query. You’ll then have the option of saving it your hard drive in a variety of formats.

Scheduled reports

When a report is scheduled to run on a regular basis the report will be available on the website through a link for easy download. This report will remain on the website for 7 days from the requested date.

Link your Office ID to multiple offices

The Office ID may be linked to other offices, with EOS agreement in place, to view and retrieve the reports for those offices' unused e-tickets.

Comprehensive access for registered offices

The office and its related registered offices via the online tool will never become suspended by the system.

Automatic e-ticket removal and status updates

The unused e-tickets will be automatically removed from the reports once the ticket is refunded, exchanged or any other update that closes the e-ticket. The system will automatically update the e-tickets status every 3 days.

Open tickets remain in report

The unused e-ticket will stay in the report for as long as the airline reports that such e-ticket is still considered open.

Multi-format report downloads

Reports can be downloaded to a variety of formats to the local user machine when requesting an on-demand report.

Product Highlights Amadeus Unused Electronic Ticketing and Reporting (UETTR)

Improve your management of unused electronic tickets and take advantage of on demand or scheduled reports.

Grant access to multiple offices with a single Office ID.
Reports include additional fields not found in the regular central system report.
No need to process any Amadeus central queues to extract reports.
The UETTR record purging process will not apply to the office's e-tickets.