Amadeus Link Invoice

Offer every customer a professional, reliable and fully personalized service with Amadeus Link Invoice. With the ability to customize and manage invoices more effectively, you can create comprehensive travel invoices and orders from anywhere, and issue them to anyone with ease.

Offer every customer a professional, reliable and fully personalized service with easy creation and issuance of customized invoices and receipts.


Offer an enhanced service to your every customer

Amadeus Link Invoice is the perfect tool to help you distinct create company profiles, design personalized trip plans for your travelers, and issue both invoices and receipts quickly.

Customized travel orders

Create travel orders that adapt to the service your travelers request. Automate the invoice process with their agreed travel plans.

Effective management

Link Invoice is automated, which means you’ll avoid making mistakes during travel order cation and invoice management.


Link Invoice is the tool every travel agency needs

Link Invoice is a very simple tool that allows you to create professional quotes and invoices in an automated and personalized way.

Link Invoice - your automated invoicing solution

Looking for an invoicing solution? Check out what Link Invoice can offer your travel agency.

Tutorial: How to log in to Amadeus Link Invoice

Need help logging in to Link Invoice? Check out this video for an easy guide.

How to generate an invoice with Amadeus Link Invoice

It's simple to create an invoice. Check out the video to find out!

How to generate a receipt with Amadeus Link Invoice

Generating receipts is easy with Amadeus Link Invoice.

Product Highlights Amadeus Link Invoice

Create comprehensive travel orders and invoices, including both GDS and non-GDS content, with Amadeus Link Invoice.

Create professional invoices and receipts quickly.
Benefit from automated technology.
Design personalized trip plans.
Include both GDS and non-GDS content in your invoices.

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