Amadeus Agency Insight Search Analysis

Leverage analytical insight relating to search behavior, revealing where, when and for how long customers are planning to travel. This helps you sell the right traveler the right product at the right time.

Leverage travel analytics to gain invaluable insights into what your customers want and when they want it.


Shape your strategy

Stay competitive with unique knowledge of consumers’ travel intentions and travel market trends. Negotiate high-value deals with suppliers using accurate forecasting of future demand.

Focus your sales and marketing efforts

Track the most searched routes and destinations, adjusting your sales resources in response.

Track destination demand

See a snapshot of which destinations are growing or decreasing in popularity compared to previous periods.

Product Highlights Amadeus Agency Insight Search Analysis

Tailor your products with instant insight into your customers’ travel intentions.

Identify seasonal trends and tailor your products to customer demand.
Analyze consumer behaviors and keep pace with market trends and traveler intentions.
Identify popular high-demand routes and those experiencing a decline in booking rates.
Evaluate peak pinch-points in booking and search within customizable time periods.

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