Amadeus Agency Insight Productivity Tracker

Use your Amadeus reservation data to identify and capitalize on new opportunities to improve your business. Optimize performance at every level of your organization and at every stage of the booking lifecycle.

A single solution that uses your Amadeus reservation data to highlight opportunities that improve your business performance.


Increase your efficiency

With a single, comprehensive source of productivity-related information, you can benchmark key performance indicators (KPIs) consistently across different departments.

Multiple formats

Insights are delivered in varying displays, including dashboards, visualizations, on-demand and scheduled reports.

Web-based solution

Access productivity data at anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.

Optimize your training program

Accurately identify areas in need of improvement. Productivity Tracker is also configurable to ensure that reporting always complies with local legal requirements.

Scalable architecture

Productivity Tracker was built with scalability in mind to fit your agency’s unique structure, regardless of the size or complexity of your business.

Negotiate more effectively

Improve your supplier negotiations with real-time reporting on booking and reservation data, including supplier and airfare analysis.

Real-time data feed

Gain access to real-time productivity data, allowing you to base every decision on the most up-to-date information.

Highlight your value to corporate accounts

Deliver greater transparency on productivity levels to corporate accounts, highlighting the value of your services.

Product Highlights Amadeus Agency Insight Productivity Tracker

Drive your business forward with a greater understanding of your productivity and increased negotiating power.

Enable supplier and procurement managers to direct un-ticketed bookings to airline suppliers in real-time.
Gain insights across the full PNR lifecycle, including pre-and post-booking, ticketing and flight activity.
Access insights in multiple formats, including scheduled reports, visualizations, dashboards and on-demand.
Utilize real-time data reports on bookings and reservations.

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