Amadeus Agency Insight Booking Analysis for Retail travel agencies

Capitalize on new booking trends as they emerge and gain a precise understanding of customer behavior. Every day, millions of travel bookings are made across the globe. We’ll help you navigate this immense sea of data and ensure you’re always selling optimally.

Gain a clearer view of new booking trends, as they happen.


Increase your marketing effectiveness

Identify high-value routes and adjust your sales efforts in response. The result? No wasted resources and maximized profits.

Enhance your sales monitoring

Identify routes into new markets and track your performance levels.

Optimize your SEO marketing

Promote the right offer at the right time and track performance in line with your marketing campaigns.

Grow a network of high-value partners

Understand the value you offer your airline partners. You’ll also have the opportunity to capture revenue streams by opening up new, high-value partnerships.

Monitor your competitors

View the spread of bookings across all airlines in the market, helping you to identify your own and your competitors’ market positioning.

Accurate performance reviews

Identify your strengths and weaknesses, comparing your market performance in comparison to your competitors.

Product Highlights Amadeus Agency Insight Booking Analysis

Increase and track your sales and marketing effectiveness while keeping tabs on your competitors.

Regularly evaluate areas for growth and development.
Identify popular travel routes and focus your marketing efforts in response.
Advertise and circulate promotional offers, capitalizing on heavy traffic flows.
Identify the top origins and destinations (O&Ds) booked in your market and adjust your sales efforts in response.

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