Amadeus Reservation & Ticketing

A seamless rail booking experience that will drive demand. Amadeus Reservation & Ticketing manages all your processes from booking and ticketing, to after-sales.

Your rail offer available across any sales channels, currencies and languages.


Consistent customer experience

Amadeus Reservation & Ticketing ensures that your customers’ interactions are efficient and hassle-free.


Amadeus Reservation & Ticketing makes your rail offer stand out across all range of devices and channels, allowing full inter-operability.

Multi-modal travel options

Your customers can easily combine rail travel with a hotel or flight.

Global reach

Connect your rail offer to the global travel network.

Access to travel agencies

Amadeus Reservation & Ticketing connects your rail offer to over 400,000 travel sellers and online players worldwide.

Diverse payment methods

Our solution accepts traditional and alternative payment methods.

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Connect your rail offer to the travel ecosystem. Worldwide.

Connect your rail offer to the travel ecosystem. Worldwide.

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Product Highlights Amadeus Reservation & Ticketing

Your success is our goal.

Access a global network of 400,000+ travel sellers.
Amadeus Reservation & Ticketing accepts a wide variety of payment methods.
Speedy access to key dashboards.
Consistent touch points across channels and devices.

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